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Encoding.com, Harmonic Offer Broadcast-Quality Cloud Transcoding

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Harmonic customers now have new options for converting their broadcast-quality video into a variety of formats, thanks to a partnership with Encoding.com. Video infrastructure company Harmonic now works with Encoding.com in both pure-cloud and integrated cloud-burst offerings.

The advantage, says Harmonic's director of product management for cloud services and transcoding Yoav Derazon, is that Harmonic's customers can simplify their work by using their current ProMedia Carbon presets and profiles both locally and in the cloud. They can also send files to the cloud for processing when needed, gaining features such as DRM, caption conversion, video hosting, and watermarking without the need for additional equipment.

The cloud-burst system is intended for ProMedia Carbon customers using a WFS file-based workflow engine. By sending files to an Encodng.com watch folder, they gain vast cloud capacity without the need for extra hardware, Encoding.com says.

“ProMedia Carbon implemented within the Encoding.com platform empowers customers to generate best-in-breed quality videos while leveraging the elastic capacity of the cloud and the flexibility to maintain workflow requirements in the ever-changing broadcast and multiscreen video landscape,” says Jeff Malkin, president at Encoding.com.

In March, 2013, Harmonic launched ProMedia Carbon MP, a professional cloud-based transcoding service available from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

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