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The 2022 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards

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Throughout most of the year in Streaming Media, we tell you what we think, whether it’s our writers or the various industry experts they tap in their articles sharing their expertise, analyzing what’s happening, or predicting what’s to come in the streaming world. But once a year, we flip that script and let the readers have their say with our annual Readers’ Choice Awards. The results are sometimes surprising and always illuminating. While you’ll see a number of familiar names in the list, as we reveal this year’s winners and runners-up, this year, as in all years, there are plenty of surprises and a few instances of winners and finalists we wouldn’t have predicted, but just as often leave us thinking, “But, of course,” and rushing to reconsider previous assessments.

This year’s awards brought in 140 nominees, which were then voted on by StreamingMedia.com readers. More than 1,600 readers cast roughly 14,000 votes in 22 categories that reflect both the Streaming Media and Streaming Media Producer purviews. After discarding votes from obviously phony email addresses, as well as votes by employees casting ballots for their own companies’ products, we identified the top three vote-getters in each category. Many of the names are familiar, even expected, but you’ll find a number of unexpected names and products in the list that follows. And if you’re surprised that a company isn’t represented, well, all we can say is that it either wasn’t nominated or didn’t get enough votes. Thanks to all who nominated and voted, and thanks to BirdDog and PTZOptics for sponsoring this year’s awards. And we’re pleased as punch to be presenting these awards—live and in person for the first time since 2019—at Streaming Media West 2022!

Analytics/Quality of Experience (QoE) Platform

Winner: Bitmovin Bitmovin Analytics
Runners-Up: MediaMelon SmartSight QoE, Telestream iVMS AMS

Best New Streaming Innovation

Winner: LiveU  LiveU Ingest
Runners-Up: Flussonic LLC  WebRTC Flussonic (Flussonic Media Server), Muvi LLC  Muvi Minis

Cellular Bonding Solution

Winner: LiveU  LU800
Runners-Up: Haivision/AVIWest Pro460, TVU Networks  TVU One 4K with 5G

Closed Captioning Solution

Winner:  Telestream  CaptionMaker
Runners-Up: Flussonic LLC  Flussonic Media Server, IBM Watson Media  Watson Live Captioning

Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service

Winner: Bitmovin  Bitmovin Next-Generation VOD Encoder
Runners-Up: Flussonic LLC  Flussonic Cloud, Telestream  Encoding.com

Cloud Video Production Platform

Winner: Blackmagic Design  Blackmagic Cloud
Runners-Up: LiveU  LiveU Matrix, Vizrt  Viz Vectar Plus

Content Delivery Network (including Edge)

Winner: Amazon Web Services  Amazon CloudFront
Runners-Up: Akamai – Intelligent Edge Platform,Google  Google Cloud CDN

Corporate Video/Enterprise Video Content Management Platform

Winner: Vimeo  Vimeo Enterprise
Runners-Up: Haivision  Haivision Media Platform, Telestream  Sherpa Stream

DRM/Content Protection

Winner: EZDRM  Universal Complete 
Runners-Up: Bitmovin  Bitmovin/Nagra Forensic Watermarking, IdeaNova  Inplay DRM

Encoding Hardware for Live Production

Winner: Haivision  Makito X4 Encoder
Runners-Up: Blackmagic Design  Web Presenter 4K, Flussonic LLC  Flussonic Coder

Live Streaming Service

Winner: Muvi LLC  Muvi Live
Runners-Up: Haivision  Haivision Connect, Vimeo  Vimeo Live Streaming Platform

Meeting/Collaboration/Webcasting Solution (Cloud)

Winner: LiveU  Air Control
Runners-Up: NewTek  CaptureCast, Telestream  Sherpa Stream

Meeting/Collaboration/Webcasting Solution (On-Prem)

Winner: IdeaNova  Intouch Nearcast
Runners-Up: LiveSwitch  LiveSwitch Server, Magewell  USB Fusion

On-Prem Encoding/Transcoding Solution

Winner: Telestream  Vantage Media Processing Platform
Runners-Up: Flussonic LLC  Flussonic Media Server, Haivision  Makito X4 Encoder

OTT Video Platform

Winner: Vimeo Vimeo OTT
Runners-Up: Bitmovin – Bitmovin Per-Title,Brightcove  Brightcove Beacon

Per-Title Encoding Solution

Winner: Bitmovin  Bitmovin Per-Title
Runners-Up: Brightcove  Brightcove Context Aware Encoding, Harmonic  VOS®360 Cloud Streaming Platform

PTZ or Network-Controlled Camera

Winner: BirdDog  P120
Runners-Up: NewTek  NDI|HX PTZ3, PTZ Optics  30X NDI PTZ Camera

Quality Control/Monitoring Platform

Winner: Akamai  Broadcast Operations Command Center (BOCC)
Runners-Up: Telestream  Centralized Video Quality Monitoring Management, Witbe – Witbox+

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) Solution

Winner: Amazon  AWS Elemental MediaTailor
Runners-Up: Brightcove  Brightcove SSAI, MediaKind  PRISMA

Single- or Dual-Stream Encoding Hardware

Winner: Magewell – Ultra Encode
Flussonic LLC Flussonic Coder, LiveU  LU800

Video Mixer (less than $1,500)

Winner: Blackmagic Design  ATEM SDI Pro ISO
Runners-Up: Telestream  Wirecast Pro, vMix  Live Video Streaming Software

Video Mixer (more than $1,500)

Winner: NewTek  TriCaster Mini X
Runners-Up: Roland  V-600UHD, Telestream  Wirecast Gear 3

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