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Harmonic Debuts ProMedia Software Family for Multiscreen Video

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Video infrastructure company Harmonic launched its ProMedia software line today, offering optimized live and file-based video production and processing. Content providers can use it for video transcoding, packaging, and origination. It includes video creation and delivery tools for live streaming, live to video-on-demand (VOD), and VOD services to a range of computers and devices. ProMedia can also be used for content creation in file-based workflows.

ProMedia products can be used individually or as an end-to-end solution. The line includes four applications: ProMedia Live, ProMedia Carbon, ProMedia Package, and ProMedia Origin. 

ProMedia Live is for real-time processing and transcoding with Harmonic's enhanced H.264 codec technology. ProMedia Carbon was formerly known as Carbon Coder, and is a file-based transcoder with a wide format support.

ProMedia Package is a preparation system for adaptive streaming. It supports several HTTP streaming protocols and can package video in multiple formats. Finally, ProMedia Origin streams HTTP and RTMP video to multiscreen devices.

"As demand continues to grow for more video on more devices, content creators and service providers need to implement an efficient and scalable infrastructure that can support a wide variety of input, editing, and output formats," says Moore Macauley, director for multiscreen product line management at Harmonic. "The ProMedia family is the most comprehensive multiscreen video processing solution available and leverages Harmonic's expertise in both live and file-based video services."

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