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SSIMWAVE® is an IMAX® company in the business of maximizing in-home and on-the-go viewing experiences. The company has improved the viewer experience of more than 150 million subscribers over billions of viewing hours to date. The world’s top streaming media companies use the company’s enterprise software, including Disney, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Its technology is protected with 50 patents and patents pending globally. SSIMWAVE has won a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award (2020); a Primetime Emmy® Award (2015); NAB Product of the Year Awards (2021 and 2022); and was named Best New Streaming Technology winner in the NAB Show (2021). IMAX acquired SSIMWAVE in September 2022.


Product Description

Three Enterprise software products in market helping the leading global streamers, studios, and pay-TV operators:

  • Live Monitor - watches every second and every channel of a multi-channel live environment to monitor picture quality
  • VOD Monitor - sees, scans, and validates the picture quality of every frame and every pixel in on-demand streaming
  • StreamSmart® - enables streamers to dial-in and save millions in content delivery costs by optimizing the tradeoff between picture quality and bandwidth usage

Dial-in quality control costs. Dial-in bandwidth costs.

There's no better time than now to set up a production trial. 

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Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor
    What are the challenges that impact video processing and distribution at scale? There is enormous pressure to maximize viewer engagement and customer experience while reducing operational costs. This pressure is mounting due to: - Increased investments in original content - projected to hit $230 billion this year - High churn rate - reaching 44% in Q1’2022 - Increased subscription-hopping: 33% of U.S. consumers said they had both added and canceled a subscription over the past 6 months, according to a Deloitte study - Demanding viewers who have decreasing tolerance for poor video quality There are 3 key problems facing QA teams in order to be efficient, reduce costs and deliver a meaningfully improved viewer experience. Download our VOD Automation document to read about the key challenges and ways to solve them.
    Watch this webinar with AWS Principal Solutions Architect Thomas Edwards and SSIMWAVE CEO and co-founder Dr. Abdul Rehman as they discuss some of the big issues that live sports streaming faces today and practical tips on overcoming them. Moderated by Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA).
    Did you know that an overwhelming majority (75%) of viewers say they will stop watching a service within 4 minutes if experiencing poor quality? Also, one-third of viewers say they leave a website or TV program when encountering poor-quality video, to find content elsewhere. This white paper presents the challenges in sports live streaming including: - Being blind to the viewer experience - Manual interventions are often required - A lack of transparency - Inconsistency across content types and formats and more It also presents solutions to make your viewers love watching the game, every time.
  • SSIMPLUS LIVE Sports Benchmarking
    To help streaming providers provide better perceptual video quality vs. their competition—and reduce churn—we’ve measured the video quality of different sports games: - How good are the best sports streaming services (and how bad are the worst ones?) - How do streaming providers compare to each other regarding the perceptual video quality they deliver? - Is there a service that consistently provides better video quality than the rest? - Which are the best and worst performers for each sport? - Are there significant gaps and variations in video quality?

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