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For 20+ years, Bitcentral has helped broadcasters and publishers deliver the biggest stories in news, sports, and entertainment. Our systems are used by 1000+ media organizations to simplify the production, asset management, distribution, and monetization of content.

Our industry-changing FUEL + streaming platform, provides one unified workflow that will simplify video management, deliver live and linear VOD streaming and distribution, across all major OTT and mobile platforms.

With Core News™, we provide unparalleled reliability and agility for content production. With Central Control® and Veset Nimbus, we offer full flexibility for playout covering on-premise CAPEX operations or cloud-based OPEX capabilities.

Product Description

Bitcentral’s FUEL is an industry changing digital streaming and monetization solution whose exceptional viewing experience has the longest streaming session durations in the marketplace, generating ten times the ad impressions for broadcasters, content providers and audience owners on all digital platforms.

FUEL is a cloud-based platform that powers live streaming and Linear on Demand™ (LOD™) dynamic channels with the ability to insert live content, and no pre-rolls that turn away viewers. Ads are dynamically inserted server-side, immune from ad blockers, across all platforms.

FUEL creates personalized continuous linear streams of content viewers are interested in, delivered when and where they want, across all digital platforms. Content is dynamically constructed and personalized per viewer, based on location and viewing history.

We bring the “continuous flow” experience of linear TV to Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App, and CTV devices.  We seamlessly integrate Live and VOD content into a single continuous streaming video that increases user engagement.


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