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id3as has built custom video workflows for some of the world's leading broadcasters and enterprise firms including DAZN, Notified, and Arqiva. id3as' solutions are self-healing and "good on a bad day," continuing to run even when cloud providers or on-prem servers fail. In 2023, id3as introduced Norsk, a low-code SDK for building live streaming workflows (multiple sources, multiple outputs, and a variety of transformations in between, including picture-in-picture, browser overlays, automated transcription, etc.). In 2024 we will launch Norsk Studio, a no-code interface built on top of the SDK that provides a GUI for prototyping and building custom, production-ready worfklows.

Product Description

The power of Norsk is available in any gRPC-compliant language, so your team gets to write their code in the environment they are already familiar with. Norsk makes even the most demanding of media workflows straightforward, enabling you to exceed customers' expectations. You can easily implement picture in picture, multi-camera editing, sophisticated overlays, and more. So you get to concentrate on your business and how you can deliver a differentiated experience to your customers — not on the ins and outs of this codec or that container format. The simplicity of Norsk means you need far fewer lines of code. That means fewer bugs, higher quality, and shorter turnaround times, so you can focus on what matters — your business.

And with the no-code Norsk Studio, we've made it even easier, providing a visual interface build on top of the Norsk SDK.

Norsk supports leading hardware technologies such as Nvidia and NETINT, with support for AMD and Intel coming soon.

It provides real-time metrics capture using the OpenTelemetry standard and out-of-the-box fluentbit adapters, making it simple to integrate analytics and monitoring into your existing operations. It even comes with Grafana dashboards to help you get started.



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