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Interra Systems
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Interra Systems is a global provider of enterprise-class solutions that streamline the classification, quality control (QC) process, and monitoring of media content across the entire creation and distribution chain. Relying on Interra Systems' comprehensive video insights, media businesses can deliver video with high quality of experience, address new market trends, and improve monetization.

Widely adopted by broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and post-production markets, Interra's products enable quality video, reduced exposure to regulatory issues. Featuring AI- and ML-enabled algorithms, along with a flexible, software-defined architecture, the solutions support various deployment scenarios, including the cloud, for higher performance, scalability, efficiency.

Product Description

The company’s industry-leading solutions include BATON®, a next-generation hybrid QC solution that delivers comprehensive capabilities way beyond standard automated QC; ORION™ and ORION™-OTT real-time content monitors assuring high QoE; and VEGA™ media analyzers for compliance and debug of encoded streams.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • BATON - Way Beyond Automated QC
    BATON® – Way Beyond Automated QC M/L & AI Enabled Interra Systems' BATON is a leading M/L and AI enabled QC platform that offers comprehensive quality checks and verification efficiency in a flexible environment. The hybrid QC solution implements organizational QC policy to support a combination of automated and manual QC checks – the result is a well-integrated and efficient broadcast workflow. BATON is used by global broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, over-the-top (OTT), and post-production markets and archiving companies working with file-based content. BATON is the trusted choice for all their file-based QC needs, available both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • ORION-OTT - Assure High QoE
    Interra Systems’ ORION™-OTT is one of the world’s first software-based OTT monitoring solutions for checking content integrity and related network performance of ABR content for both VoD and Live, multiscreen service delivery. ORION-OTT also provides passive monitoring of origin server performance and end-user devices understand recurrent issues and their causes.
  • ORION - Real-time Content Monitor
    Interra Systems' ORION is a real-time content monitoring system that enables service providers to deliver error-free, superior quality video. ORION performs critical monitoring functions on hundreds of services simultaneously from a single platform, providing an operator with a single point of visibility and access to important information such as, status, alerts, alarms, visible impairments, error reports, triggered captures and more. ORION effortlessly monitors streaming content scaling single to multiple monitoring units/ sites across different geographical locations.
  • VEGA – In-depth Media Analyzers
    VEGA is an industry leading media analysis platform for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams. VEGA enables navigation down to the deepest levels of a media file to generate error reports and analysis. This significantly reduces R&D and QA time in delivering standards-compliant video. VEGA supports all popular video compression and container standards and includes features such as video comparison and quality checks. These features help deliver high quality, standards-compliant media while reducing R&D and QA time.
  • End-to-End Unified QC, Monitoring for Streaming & Linear Media
    Today delivering error-free and high quality content is an issue for broadcasters without a reliable set of quality control (QC) and monitoring tools.