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TAG Video Systems

TAG Video Systems
  • 39 hamasger st
  • Tel Aviv 6721409
  • Israel
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TAG Video Systems is the global leader in software-based integrated IP probing, monitoring, visualization and analytics solutions. TAG enables broadcasters, content creators, and service providers to streamline operations, cut through the complexity of IP media workflows, and keep infrastructures ahead of shifting technology and demand with Zero Friction® agility. The TAG platform empowers users with innovative toolsets to ensure video quality, improve overall efficiency across all media workflows, and provides invaluable business and operational insights.

Product Description

The TAG Realtime Media Platform is a 100% software solution, allowing broadcasters and media companies to monitor and analyze video, audio and metadata content across distribution platforms.

TAG’s unique Zero Friction® approach provides a proven and highly interoperable platform, with two main components:

TAG Multichannel Monitoring (MCM) solution is a comprehensive, integrated monitoring & visualization tool for video workflows. It provides a centralized platform for inspecting live and recorded video feeds, as well as metadata, and other critical data, allowing users to quickly identify and resolve issues by generating alarms and an advanced multiviewer display.

TAG Media Control System (MCS) is a monitoring management layer that allows users to control, manage and configure large monitoring operations, as well as, drive multiple MCMs from one access point. It provides users with customizable dashboards, centralized API access, and aggregated monitoring data from across the entire workflow. MCS seamlessly integrates with open-source data analysis tools like Kibana, Grafana and Kafka to provide invaluable operational insight.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Understanding OTT: The Basics
    The move to OTT from legacy is an evolution and understanding the complexity of OTT technology is not always an easy task. This is a technical guide to understanding the basics of OTT technology: Learn more about OTT as a distribution method, OTT Reception, wrappers and protocols, packaging, adaptive bitrates, the role of CDNs and much more. For a quick preparation to any OTT discussion, check out the glossary of commonly used terms in OTT.
  • The Full Guide to IP Monitoring
    The shift from SDI to IP has seen the industry move away from using oscilloscopes, waveform monitors and vectorscopes to monitor television signals. This newfound freedom for hardware, however presents its own set of challenges when it comes to monitoring more signals than ever, with OTT platforms having to deliver multiple formats to different devices, screen sizes and resolutions. This white paper breaks down these new challenges and outlines best practices for IP monitoring in live production, playout and OTT.
  • The Insider’s Guide to Selecting Your Media Monitoring Solution
    While the state of video streaming has changed tremendously, not all monitoring solutions have caught up, with many still relying on slow and compute-heavy algorithms with vague results. At the same time, demand for event-based content is rising, and Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels have become the preferred way to deliver live content to consumers. With a wide range of content and delivery platforms available to choose from, consumers demand exceptional quality. In this guide, we’ll will help you identify the top five things to look for in a media monitoring system, to keep up with the pace of change. Learn how you can monitor all your content with 0.3 of the resources, while making zero compromises on quality.
  • Foxtel: The Leap to IP Infrastructure
    Foxtel Group in Australia faced the challenge of monitoring 2000 channels and migrating to an IP platform. With TAG Video Systems, they found a partner that not only streamlined their monitoring but also brought unprecedented efficiency to their operations. Witness firsthand how the TAG Realtime Media platform provided hands-off automation, data-rich insights, and exceptional support. Dive into this testimonial to learn more about creating operational efficiencies at scale.
  • POST Luxembourg: The Transformation of Video Delivery
    Explore the success story of POST Luxembourg in streamlining its video delivery services. With a focus on simplifying complex workflows, this customer’s journey highlights how a small team efficiently managed operations and enhanced service quality. Discover their experience leveraging TAG’s intuitive solutions to overcome resource limitations and achieve operational excellence.

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