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End-to-end ultra-low latency live streaming for interactive use cases with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player. Around the world in 1 second! 
With many years of experience, nanocosmos has created the unique H5Live technology for plugin-free delivery and playback on any device and HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS. H5Live is part of nanoStream Cloud, a scalable live streaming solution and ULL CDN with a global footprint.
nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics for better insights and QoS are now available on request.
For live encoding nanoStream SDKs or browser-based can be added, or use your existing RTMP Live Encoder workflow.

Product Description

Go live around the world in 1 second with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player!

Webcasts, Live Auctions, iGaming, eSports, Betting, Security & Monitoring, Fan-Engagement or even First Responders. With nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player businesses worldwide are creating exciting ultra-low latency user experiences to engage their audiences.
With H5Live Player you will be able to deliver your live streams on any device and HTML5 browser in around 1 second, including Safari on iOS.

nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player in a nutshell:

  • Cross-platform: playback on ALL HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS
  • Flexible: end-to-end solution/cloud or ULL CDN (Ultra-Low-Latency)
  • Complete: power your workflow with nanoStream Live Encoders:
    nanoStream Apps and SDKs for mobile and desktop,
    nanoStream for plugin-free browser-based workflow
  • Scalable: ULL CDN with global footprint
  • Cost-effective: no server software required, reduced setup and maintenance
  • B2B / White Label: perfect for content creators and platform operators

NEW: nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics for valuable business and QoS insights!

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