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castLabs GmbH
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Our mission is to push the limits of digital content distribution while making it accessible.

castLabs pioneers software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide to easily enable premium movie, TV, and audio distribution.

Our range of applications and services are designed to help businesses deliver high-quality video experiences through protected content playback over a large selection of consumer devices and platforms. castLabs solutions include DRMtoday DRM and CAS licensing, PRESTOplay cross-platform player SDKs, Video Toolkit cloud encoding, Widevine certification, and expert technical consulting.

Product Description

castLabs’ DRMtoday solution offers a complete set of features, a service built on highly reliable infrastructure and a user-friendly interface with support from a professional services team. castLabs uses flexible cloud solutions with built-in logic and scaling mechanisms that run across multiple regions around the world to utilize servers near the customers to minimize key delivery time and maintain a global delivery network. The main DRMtoday features include concurrent stream limiting (CSL), geoblocking, device capability awareness, watermarking, multi-DRM for all screens and conditional access. DRMtoday dashboard provides the functionality of viewing the information about licenses sent, unique users, DRM systems used, active devices, usage data per day, and others.

Aside from a global multi-DRM License Delivery Network our PRESTOplay SDK Suite provides “API-first” player SDKs across multiple platforms & devices with an extensive set of built-in features to provide your customers with leading quality viewing experiences. The features include ultra-low latency, fully customizable UI, VoD & live playback, offline playback with downloader, MPEG-DASH, CMAF, HLS and smooth streaming support, and more.

The last technology is our Video Toolkit. We offer popular processing tools as ready-to-use automated solutions with complete access to their functions along with our expertise to create custom tools.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • DRMtoday
    DRMtoday is an extensive digital rights management licensing and access control service. It enables the rapid adoption of multiple studio-recognized DRM systems with just one integration allowing video distributors to reach the largest range of consumer devices and platforms with protected content. DRMtoday operates as a worldwide License Delivery Network: you gain access to multi-region low latency and solid redundancy.
  • PRESTOplay for Web Apps
    Easily create players for browsers and a broad range of platforms with our HTML5 framework. PRESTOplay for Web Apps is our SDK framework for deploying fantastic HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS video players across web-enabled platforms.
  • PRESTOplay for Android
    Deliver rich playback apps for Android and Android TV devices. Our PRESTOplay SDK lets you rapidly construct sleek players. Built for devs, by devs, we give you the building blocks to massively reduce development costs and speed up your time to market.
  • PRESTOplay for iOS
    Construct custom video apps for iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. Our ready-to-use features greatly reduce development time saving you money while getting your brand into the App Store faster.
  • Video Toolkit
    Video Toolkit is a cloud service providing a collection of high-quality workflow options for converting video assets into on-demand DRM-enabled adaptive streaming formats. Content preparation tools include: watermarking, encoding/transcoding, encryption, transmuxing, packaging, and subtitle conversion. Our service helps you focus on what matters: getting content to market quickly.

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