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MwareTV delivers a comprehensive, cloud-hosted TV platform that serves as a streamlined middleware for a variety of video services. This platform supports live streaming, time-shifted TV, cloud-based personal video recording, and a library of films, series, and audio content, including music and podcasts.

From the initial content acquisition to the final delivery, the platform is equipped with all necessary functionalities. Its TV Management System (TVMS) features modules for handling content, product, and subscriber management. Additionally, it boasts a billing system tailored for over-the-top (OTT) services, complete with a shopping cart and payment processing capabilities.

The innovative no-code App Builder empowers users to create highly customizable applications compatible with 15 different device types, all without requiring any programming skills.

MwareTV’s clientele spans cable and telecom operators, internet service providers (ISPs), mobile networks, marketing firms, and content proprietors.

Product Description

TV Managment System

The TV Management System (TVMS) functions similarly to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and is readily adaptable to the specific needs of service providers. It supports a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, AndroidTV, TVOS, FireTV, WebOS, Tizen, WebTV, and the Lightning Framework.

As a fully cloud-based solution with a multi-tenant structure, MwareTV ensures data security and removes the necessity for physical hardware investments. The licensing and hosting expenses are designed to be scalable, fitting the needs of both emerging and large-scale operators, aligning costs with revenue growth.

MwareTV offers a complete solution by integrating content encoding and transcoding, content protection/DRM, and various content delivery options, such as a global CDN or tools for establishing a private CDN within the operator’s network.

Billing Module Features:

  • Newly integrated billing module
  • Eliminates the dependency on third-party integrations
  • Enables swift and straightforward app development

The latest billing module in TVMS enhances revenue generation by incorporating features like integrated shopping carts and a customer portal. This module is particularly beneficial for startups, as it removes the need for external integrations.

The platform encompasses content, subscriber management, and app development. The billing module plays a crucial role in revenue optimization, tackling the challenges of setting up a subscription model and facilitating a seamless customer experience. It supports various business models, including FAST, SVoD, pay-per-view, and tiered subscriptions, making it a comprehensive solution for operators.

App Builder Features:

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Fully customizable
  • Starter templates provided

The TVMS’s WYSIWYG App Builder enables the creation of personalized and branded applications across multiple devices without any coding expertise.

Service providers can now deliver a bespoke and branded user experience on any device. The App Builder is compatible with all major platforms and offers starter templates to accelerate market entry. It also provides extensive customization with numerous menu types, home page widgets, and configuration possibilities.

The robust features of the MwareTV platform, such as advanced metadata, recommendation systems, series linking, and automated parental controls, are all accessible through the App Builder. This allows for complete customization of the consumer interface to best fit the operator’s business model.

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