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Ant Media

Ant Media
  • 2196 Third Avenue
  • PMB 20065
  • New York NY 10035
  • United States
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Ant Media Server, a renowned product from Ant Media, is a live video streaming engine that uses WebRTC technology to provide adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming. It is trusted by over 1700 enterprises worldwide and simplifies the complex process of streaming, making it accessible to any user. Customers can easily deploy Ant Media's live video and VoD streaming solutions based on their requirements and preferences. They can choose to deploy it either on-premises or on public cloud networks such as AWS, Azure, Google, Linode/Akamai, and Digital Ocean. It comes with free mobile SDKs and Rest APIs to fasten integration.

Ant Media has been serving a significant and growing number of customers in 120+ countries all around the world for years. Customers from different segments such as Educational InstitutionsLive Auctioneers, Radio and TV Broadcasters, Security/Surveillance Companies, OTTs, Telehealth Solution Providers, Gaming Companies, and Mobile/Web App Developers use Ant Media Server to enhance their business benefit from its capabilities.

Product Description


Ultra-Low Latency Streaming

Ant Media promises minimal delays in content delivery, ensuring quick and efficient streaming. This is particularly beneficial for real-time interactions in sectors like online betting, bidding, video conferencing, and more. The platform supports WebRTC streaming with a mere 0.5-second latency.


The live streaming software is designed to handle varying audience sizes, allowing seamless growth as per user needs. Ant Media can operate in cluster mode, automatically scaling the number of viewers and publishers.

Adapability to Various Use Cases

Ant Media is versatile and can adapt to diverse use cases. It serves as a flexible live video streaming service for various industries and applications. Users from media networks or gaming companies can customize the platform to meet their specific requirements using its robust Rest APIs and rich SDKs.

Cost Effective Solution

Ant Media Server provides budget-friendly streaming solutions, catering to a wide range of users. Customers can opt for hourly, monthly, annual, or perpetual licenses, including free WebRTC SDKs/Rest APIs with no limitations.


It's an all-encompassing Live video streaming solution that consolidates transcoding/transmuxing, ingest, and delivery, including protocols like WebRTC, LL-DASH/CMAF, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, SRT and Zixi, recording, and plug-ins into a single software package with straightforward pricing. 

Marketplace Offering

The platform offers a library of ready-made integrations and services such as streaming analytics tools, AI engines, and remote control utility via WebRTC. 

Responsive Customer and Community Support

The user-friendly live-streaming engine is backed by responsive customer and community support. The Ant Media team is dedicated to resolving issues, optimizing settings, and troubleshooting promptly, ensuring a smooth experience for customers. They prioritize customer needs and engage with the community for effective support.

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