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Synamedia delivers, enriches and protects video. Our award-winning cloud and SaaS products allow customers of all sizes to easily launch, monetise and scale video services at speed and optimise all aspects of content delivery with the industry’s lowest end-to-end latency and pristine image quality. 

Our portfolio spans: B2B distribution, D2C streaming, IP network optimisation, Edge CDN, Addressable Advertising, Forensic Watermarking, and Broadband service management. Our products cover the entire media supply chain including compression, encoding/decoding, point-to-point distribution, processing, storage, monetisation and anti-piracy detection.

Product Description

Our solutions enable agile cloud-first streaming, video processing and delivery solutions that power deeply engaging user experiences with immaculate video quality.


B2B Distribution

  • Quortex PowerVu

Quortex PowerVu SaaS empowers broadcasters to securely manage affiliates distribution globally.

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  • Quortex Link 

Securely and reliably deliver your live content to your partners in point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint, from and to all around the world. Controlling your content delivery has never been simpler. 

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D2C Streaming 

  • Quortex Play

Just-In-Time Cloud Streaming At Scale.
Delivering your Live streams to millions has never been so easy, so targeted and so efficient!

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  • Synamedia Go

An open, flexible, modular OTT video platform that increases agility, and simplifies OTT service management. 

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Edge Media Delivery

  • Fluid EdgeCDN

To lower the total cost of ownership of content delivery to different audiences, network operators need control over two key parameters – latency and traffic management. Now you can experience game-changing content delivery benefits with Synamedia's Scalable Edge Media CDN solution, Fluid EdgeCDN.

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Solid Software Products

  • Media Edge Gateway 

A comprehensive edge reception and processing platform giving you control over every processing function – from secure reception to transcoding and decoding, with grooming/multiplexing capabilities and IP transport.

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  • PowerVu Network Center 

All-in-one solution for network management, HW/SW endpoint control & monitoring with secure (CA) distribution.

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  • Virtual DCM encoder 

A software-based encoding/transcoding solution, based on Synamedia’s in-house patented compression engines, providing exceptional picture quality at all bitrates and enabling broadcasters and service providers to deliver an outstanding viewing experience at minimum bandwidth.

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  • PowerVu professional receiver

A versatile solution designed to support high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) over satellite and IP content distribution networks. This future-proof receiver is ideal for the upcoming network expansion plans of content providers.

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  • PowerVu Compact Receiver

A cost-effective versatile reception solution. The Compact Receiver is designed for satellite content distribution, targetting the broadcast, business TV, private networks, and SMATV environment.

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Advanced Addressable Advertising

  • Synamedia Iris

Addressable advertising platform that unifies ad campaigns on all screens, to make ads more targeted, relevant and valuable for video services.

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Forensic Watermarking

  • Synamedia ContentArmor

Forensic watermarking software solution that protects content investments, identifies malicious users and prevents piracy.

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Broadband Service and Device Management

  • Synamedia Gravity

A SaaS platform that orchestrates services and devices for swift launches, seamless upgrades, and operational simplicity.

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Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Video Distribution
    Distribute your content to affiliates and virtual MVPDs over satellite, IP and cloud.
  • Video Streaming
    Stream the most popular live and sports events over-the-top with highest video quality and lowest latency.
  • Scalable Edge CDN
    Stream consistent video quality to an audience of thousands or millions with a smart Edge CDN solution capable of predicting demand and adjusting to it.
  • Quality-Aware Compression
    Delight viewers with premium quality video efficiently, through advanced algorithms and encoding solutions, all with intelligent predictive quality monitoring.
  • VOD, Time Shift TV and cDVR
    Pause, rewind, play your content at any time, on any screen, with a full array of Time-Shift TV and cDVR solutions that adapt and scale to your viewers watching behaviours.


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