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The Zixi Platform makes it easy for media companies to source, manage, and deliver 24/7 live video events and linear channels by enhancing unmanaged IP networks to perform at broadcast quality, securely leveraging cloud infrastructures at scale.

Zixi’s widely-deployed software platform - a cloud-based, server-based, or hybrid software solution - moves live and live linear video over unmanaged IP networks at broadcast quality, with unequaled reliability, and the highest-security protection. The Zixi Platform and ZEN Master can be rolled out quickly, allowing for cost-efficient workflows and the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing media business opportunities.

Product Description

The Zixi Platform is a powerful set of software components that make unmanaged IP networks a rock-solid base for building server-based, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions for live and live linear video workflows.  

The ZEN Master solution is a cloud-based orchestration platform for management, monitoring, and auto-scaling of large Zixi deployments. ZEN Master allows for unified control of endpoints, channel provisioning, and graphical performance reporting. 

Zixi has over 500 customers worldwide, and more than 30 partners. Learn more about the ways our customers and partners have tamed unmanaged IP networks to solve media problems.