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  • 2600 Boulevard Alfred-Nobel
  • Montreal Quebec H4S 0A9
  • Canada
  • PH: (514) 334-5445 or Toll Free: 1 (877) 224-5445
  • FAX: 514-334-0088
  • Website
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Haivision is a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions. Our connected cloud and intelligent edge technologies enable organizations globally to engage audiences, enhance collaboration, and support decision making. We provide high quality, low latency, secure, and reliable live video at a global scale. Haivision open sourced its award-winning SRT low latency video streaming protocol and founded the SRT Alliance to support its adoption. Awarded four Emmys® for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Haivision continues to fuel the future of IP video transformation. Founded in 2004, Haivision is headquartered in Montreal and Chicago with offices, sales, and support located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit Haivision at

Product Description

Video Encoders and Decoders

Makito X Series
Haivision's award-winning H.264 and HEVC video encoders and decoders enable ultra-low latency end-to-end transport of secure, high-quality HD video, even over unpredictable networks.

Haivision Makito X4 Video Encoder
The ultra-low latency Makito X4 video encoder provides the quality, flexibility, and reliability needed for the most demanding live video transport applications leveraging SDI or SMPTE ST 2110. Highly portable, extremely secure, and field-proven by thousands of users worldwide, Makito video encoders are available in a wide variety of configuration options making them suitable for use anywhere latency matters – in broadcast, enterprise, government, and defense.

Video Transmitters and Mobile Encoders

The best live video quality starts with Haivision. Our video transmitters and mobile encoders prioritize what matters most for both mobile and fixed live video contribution: ultra-low latency, optimized power consumption, lightweight portability, and compact size.

Haivision Pro
Our most reliable 4K/UHD and multi-HD mobile transmitter is the Haivision Pro Series, a groundbreaking 4K/UHD mobile video transmitter series for newsgathering, live events, and sports broadcast streaming over 5G. Suitable for backpacks or camera mounts.

Haivision Air
Haivision Air is an advanced ultra-compact, portable HEVC and H.264 encoder and mobile transmitter revolutionizing broadcast remote production and live video contribution over bonded IP networks.

Haivision Rack
Our premium 4K UHD and multi-HD encoder, Haivision Rack is a?compact rack-mountable encoder designed for live events and sports streaming. Rack streams pristine video quality over unmanaged networks.Video Receiver and IP Gateway

Haivision StreamHub
An advanced receiver and distribution platform, Haivision StreamHub can receive, decode, and distribute live video streams, coming from any Haivision/Aviwest mobile transmitter or third-party system. Haivision StreamHub can be deployed as an in-house 1U server or as a cloud service, bringing simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency to any live sports production, newsgathering, or video distribution organization.


Secure Reliable Transport Protocol
Originally developed and pioneered by Haivision, SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport. SRT is an Emmy® award-winning open-source video transport protocol and technology stack that optimizes video streaming performance across unpredictable networks. With secure streams and simplified firewall traversal, SRT delivers the best quality video over the worst networks.?

Safe Stream Transport
SST (Safe Streams Transport) is a two-time Emmy® award-winning protocol that offers reliable and broadcast-grade video quality transmission over 3G/4G/5G cellular, LAN, Wi-Fi, satellite, and the public internet. A unique, patented IP bonding technology that simultaneously aggregates multiple network connections, SST dynamically adapts video bitrate according to network bandwidth fluctuations, protects stream content, and supports the retransmission of lost data.



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