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Castr Live Streaming, Inc.

Castr Live Streaming, Inc.
  • Suite 600
  • Canada
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Castr is an all-inclusive self-service live video streaming CDN platform that gives you total control to access streaming services on your own. And you can get started streaming in minutes!


Product Description

Castr is an all-inclusive live streaming platform with two main functions:

1. Stream to multiple sites, which allows streamers to broadcast to all of the web's major platforms simultaneously (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more).

2. Live streaming solution - User-controlled live streaming powered by AKAMAI frees up users and their audiences from the constraints of major platforms. Streams can be embedded on user websites and viewed however and whenever users see fit.

3. IP Camera Streaming And Cloud Recording Users can stream RTSP supported IP camera's directly into Castr, and Castr can provide you HLS powered embeddable player and a Cloud recording feature.

Users can register accounts and broadcast their first stream in minutes!

Our goal is to reduce the friction of the streaming space entirely, continually making it easier and simpler for streamers and content creators to connect directly with their audiences.

Castr is built on top of World-class AKAMAI CDN that makes it possible for users to stream to viewers worldwide without issues. Whether it's audio or video content, Castr is the high-quality platform that gives control to the users and then gets out of the way. Castr live streaming CDN is powered by AKAMAI.

Pricing is simple and transparent. Startup is quick and easy. And the feature list goes on and on.

Whether you've got a handful of viewers or a stadium-ful, Castr can handle it.

Castr is the streaming platform users have been waiting for.