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EZDRM is the original specialist in Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS), offering a straightforward, one-stop solution for protecting and monetizing your video content since 2003. Our fully managed DRMaaS offering makes it easy to support secure live, on-demand, downloadable and offline video service delivery. EZDRM’s Universal DRM service for Common Encryption (CENC) includes support for Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Huawei WisePlay DRM through a single, streamlined service API. This is complemented with EZDRM’s Apple FairPlay Streaming DRM to provide a full range of content protection requirements for HLS, MPEG-DASH and CMAF in a single, easy to use multi-DRM solution.

Product Description

The EZDRM Digital Rights Management as A Service (DRMaaS) encompasses the complete spectrum of tools necessary for protection of today's live and on-demand video services.

  • EZDRM Universal DRM, enabling MPEG-DASH services with standard CENC encryption for native HTML5 video support on all browsers, Android Mobile, Casting, Smart TV's and Connected Devices.
  • EZDRM Apple Fairplay Streaming (FPS), enabling HLS services with Apple FPS Encryption for video support for Safari and iOS Apps.
  • EZDRM Widevine Modular, Google Widevine DRM for Chrome, and Android devices.
  • EZDRM PlayReady, Microsoft PlayReady DRM for native MS PR Players, Smart TV's and connected devices.
  • EZDRM Huawei WisePlay DRM for native support on Huawei mobile devices.
  • EZDRM Clearkey encryption for all supported devices.
  • EZDRM Multi-Key and SPEKE 2.0 support for multi-profile stream security
  • EZDRM CMAF compatibility, enabling the latest unified security format streaming workflows, including low-latency live events 



Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • EZDRM Universal DRM Service
    EZDRM Universal DRM is an easy to integrate DRM as a Service (DRMaaS) solution that directly addresses the protection of modern MPEG-DASH video services, and is completely compliant with the Common Encryption (CENC) standards. Since CENC is a DRM agnostic standard, it enables the same CENC-encrypted content to be decrypted and viewed by multiple device types and HTML5 clients. EZDRM Universal DRM is the single multi-DRM solution for content delivery, enabling your business logic to seamlessly integrate into the DRM license issue process.
  • EZDRM FairPlay Streaming DRM Service
    The EZDRM FairPlay Streaming (FPS) service provides all necessary DRM support for secure video service delivery to native players on all iOS and Apple TV devices. The FPS service is easy to integrate, and streamlines video distribution while helping obtain access to premium entertainment content. EZDRM FPS service enables your business logic to seamlessly integrate into the DRM license issue process.
  • EZDRM - CMAF Implications and Opportunities
    In the landscape of video streaming services, many things seem to be moving at the speed of light. But industry standard setting processes always seem to progress slowly and incrementally. So it is refreshing to see CMAF technology from the standards setting world being acclaimed as truly game changing. Read this EZDRM paper on the CMAF multimedia format and understand the implications and opportunities that it brings.
  • Multi-Key DRM for Efficient, Secure Video Delivery
    Multi-Key DRM offers a new way to present secure video where protection can be profiled to match the different quality levels delivered to different device types. Multi-Key DRM is now available in standards-centric form to enable secure and bandwidth efficient video service delivery. Our very own technical guru, David Eisenbacher, gave a short presentation on this significant new DRM capability at the MHV/2020 conference which can be downloaded here.
  • A Comprehensive FAQ on the Tough Issues of Streaming Security
    Over the years of our DRMaaS business, the mission has been to help cut through the apparent complexity and jargon that surrounds the topic of security. We have found that helping to simplify the topic of how Digital Rights Management (DRM) has evolved also helps to communicate the benefits. We offer our fully updated FAQ document - including our new WisePlay DRM technology - in downloadable format and hope it continues to help de-mystify the world of Digital Rights Management.


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