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Ateme is a global leader of video compression and delivery solutions, helping tier-one content providers, service providers and streaming platforms boost their viewership and subscriber numbers.

Leveraging an R&D task force that is unique in the video industry, Ateme’s solutions power sustainable TV services, improve viewers’ quality of experience, optimize the total cost of ownership of TV/VOD services, and generate new revenue streams based on personalization and ad insertion. Beyond offering technological agility, Ateme partners with its customers, offering flexible business models that match their financial priorities.


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Product Description

Ateme offers efficient end-to-end solutions for delivering video at scale, over any platform (satellite, cable, DTT, DTH, OTT, IPTV, 5G networks). Enabling video content and service providers to achieve more while spending less, these highly flexible, future-proof solutions can run on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or a combination of the two.

Ateme's contribution encoders are offered both as an appliance (the KYRION range) and as pure software. The latter bring the flexibility of upgrading to include new features or standards without spending on new hardware, while still maintaining the ultra-low latency required for contribution encoding.

Ateme's TITAN software transcoders enable both live and VOD. They have won multiple awards, including three Emmy Technology & Engineering awards for their innovative approach to encoding that increases efficiency and offers exceptional viewing experiences. Beyond UHD and HDR, they also enable immersive audio and 3D stereoscopic video for Spatial Computing.

Ateme also offers a converged video headend for delivery from a single platform to all kinds of screens. Beyond the integrated receiver decoders and multiplexers, Ateme's offering is completed by its NEA range, which includes everything that is required for delivery over IPTV and OTT / streaming: origin servers, just-in-time packagers, flexible Cloud DVR solutions that can store content in the public cloud or on-premises, and CDN solutions. Moreover, by looping information gathered by the CDN back to the encoders, Ateme enables more efficient encoding in its Audience-Aware Streaming solution, helping content and service providers reduce operational costs.

Ateme also offers solutions to help content and service providers boost their monetization by unlocking new revenue opportunities.These include solutions for targeted advertising (DAI) based on Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), as well as solutions to create FAST channels and Personalized Channels.

Ateme's solution for Media Supply Chain Management includes orchestration and analytics designed to simplify video-delivery operations, create efficiences, and exploit new revenue opportunities with business intelligence and automation - both on-premises and in the cloud. 

To bring new efficiencies to video delivery and enable new business models, Ateme also has a SaaS offering for both file and live encoding, as well as a complete streaming solution in SaaS mode. This can be used as a Disaster Recovery solution, to create pop-up channels, and more.

Finally, Ateme also offers innovative fan engagement solutions, with multiview and multi-camera experiences both in-venue and outside. These include AI-powered highlights detection and delivery of enriched notifications to smartphones. They can also include AR overlays and shoppable TV experiences.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Ateme whitepapers
    Download Ateme's latest whitepapers: - SSAI Benefits for Streaming Stakeholders - What's Blocking Low Latency? Strategies for Removing the Final Barriers and more!
  • Software Contribution
    Need a flexible and secure way to distribute your premium content? Ateme’s 100% software-based, cloud-agnostic contribution solution offers a flexible way to deliver high-quality video with low latency to takers and secure your content — featuring the open, royalty-free BISS-CA security protocol.
  • Cloud DVR
    Are your Cloud DVR storage limits causing scalability issues? Is streaming capacity impacting your user experience? Is your Cloud DVR future-proof? Ateme’s Cloud DVR platform can help you manage your entire streaming process and get you ready for the future.
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
    Ateme's Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution helps you reach a bigger audience with a smooth viewing experience to keep audiences engaged during ads. You can go live in weeks and unitize your monetization offering across all current and future platforms, so you future-proof your growth.
  • SaaS
    With Ateme's cloud-agnostic SaaS streaming solution, you can scale up and down in minutes. Use SaaS for occasional-use channels, for disaster recovery, or more.

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