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Phenix Real-Time Solutions

Phenix Real-Time Solutions
  • 123 N Wacker Dr
  • Suite 1250
  • Chicago IL 60606
  • United States
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Real-Time. In Sync. At Scale. Phenix is the go-to provider for real-time video streaming solutions and the only company that can stream synchronous real-time video to broadcast sized audiences. We offer an end-to-end solution that delivers video with less than ½ second of latency. Real-time is the next frontier for companies to drive interactivity, enabling them to acquire, engage and retain viewers in areas such as sports, esports, microwagering, and entertainment. Let’s work together to connect the world without delay.

Product Description

The Phenix Real-Time Streaming Platform has been built from the ground up to deliver high quality synchronized video playout to broadcast sized audiences while maintaining less than 1/2 second of end-to-end latency. Phenix’s real-time technology is packet based, delivering content frame by frame versus traditional chunk based approaches.

In order to achieve less than 1/2 second of latency, Phenix manages the full workflow including contribution encoding, ingest, content delivery, edge transformation/transcoding, and egress to all endpoints.

Platform Summary

  • Latency: < ½ second end-to-end
    • Combines industry standards of WebRTC with patented Phenix ITP technology

  • Time To First Frame (TTFF):  < 1 second
    • Industry standard is 2-10 seconds

  • Scale: broadcast size audience while maintaining < ½ second latency

  • Synchronized Viewing: all viewers synchronized within 100 milliseconds (within 3 frames at 30fps)

  • Quality: up to 1080p60 Full HD
    • Private fiber network ensures minimal packet loss and fast, reliable global delivery

  • Multi-Bitrate Adaptive Streaming: real-time multi-bitrate transcoding delivers the best possible experience to each viewer without sacrificing latency

  • High Availability Workflows: active-active encoding, multi-path ingest and diverse cloud infrastructure ensures highest reliability streaming service  

  • Flash Crowds: artificial intelligence algorithms automatically provision resources in real-time to stay ahead of the demand wave

  • Flexible Ingest Options: ingest from Phenix encoder, Phenix SDK (web and mobile), SRT, RTMP, RTSP, Multicast, and MPEG-TS

  • Real-Time Analytics: track key metrics including time to first frame, bitrate, session-level data, geographies and more

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Racecourse Media Group - Cheltenham Festival
    Phenix real-time streaming powering global horse racing organizations including Racecourse Media Group (RMG) and Sports Information Services (SIS). See below a link to our Cheltenham case study, where Phenix streamed to 500,000 peak concurrent viewers in real-time and in sync.
  • Verizon & NFL - 5G Multi-View
    Phenix works with Verizon to deliver the NFL 5G multi-view experience with up to 7 camera angles delivered in real-time and in sync.

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