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MainConcept is a trusted provider of superior quality codecs and SDKs, relied upon by iconic brands globally for more than 25 years. We help companies in broadcast, production, medical imaging, security and gaming to save time, reduce cost, minimize risk, and future proof their video workflows by always pushing the bounds of new codec technology.  

With dedicated support by some of the industry’s most brilliant engineers, MainConcept is here to help solve your biggest challenges at a moment’s notice.  


Product Description

MainConcept Codec SDKs: The most comprehensive library of video and multimedia codecs available. From ingest, decoding and encoding, transcoding, livestreaming and multiplexing, MainConcept is unrivaled in quality, performance and reliability. With vast support for all leading formats, each SDK comes with the brilliant customer support that has earned MainConcept its professional reputation.  

MainConcept HEVC/H.265: Arguably the best codec SDK available, MainConcept offers peak performance and reliability from HEVC. Lower bitrate, and higher quality is made even stronger using MainConcept HEVC hybrid GPU acceleration. Now you can combine the sheer power of the NVIDIA RTX graphics engine with the quality and control of MainConcept encoding software. 

MainConcept AVC/H.264: This ultra-flexible SDK offers robust operation for OTT and broadcast, as well as pre-configured encoding templates for streaming formats like DASH-264, Apple HLS, and professional camcorders such as Sony XAVC and Panasonic AVC-Ultra. With support for 4K and 8K, and optional hardware-based encoding using MainConcept’s renowned API, there’s no better choice for today’s content professionals.  

MainConcept 2GO Smart Containers: For those of you broadcast and OTT professionals who just want a ready-to-use codec without the programming headachesMainConcept 2GO Smart Containers is the perfect solution. We’ve bundled our best HEVC, AVC, or OTT Live Encoding technology into single plug-n-play' containers for fast and scalable use. These containers are easy to drop into your workflow on-premise or in the cloud, controlled via REST API, command line, or standard container management tools. No programming required!

Custom Professional Services: Want more help integrating our codec SDKs? Simply in need of faster development? The experts at MainConcept offer 60 days of free integration support, and if you need additional services we are here to help with hands-on C++ development, codec and network optimization, latency testingand whatever else you need to build your professional application. We will work with you to solve even your biggest codec challenges. 

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • MainConcept AVC/H.264 - Get Low Bitrate encoding 2X Faster
    The latest AVC SDK by MainConcept cuts time by up to half when encoding on-demand video for broadcast and OTT. In a recent encoding face-off against x264 (open source), MainConcept’s AVC encoder achieved the recommended setting for HLS in a single-pass encode versus two encodes needed by open source to achieve the same bitrate and quality goal -- a 2X speed improvement!
  • MainConcept HEVC/H.265 - Bandwidth-Friendly encoding
    The latest HEVC SDK by MainConcept is a bandwidth saver compared to x265/open source, according to the latest Moscow State University (MSU) codec performance comparison. In the study, MainConcept HEVC encoders showed 20% better bitrate efficiency than open source. This makes MainConcept the leading choice for encoding HEVC/4K video content, allowing broadcast and OTT networks to save on bandwidth–with no loss in quality.
  • Hybrid GPU HEVC Encoder
    Decrease conversion time by 2.5x and bandwidth up to 30%
  • Adobe & MainConcept
    Learn about the partnership between Adobe and MainConcept
  • MainConcept 2GO
    Pre-configured containerized microservice products for solving typical broadcast and OTT production workflow tasks.

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