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Encoding.com: Transcoding Shows Value of Cloud Services

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Transcoding was one of the first video workflow tasks to be done in the cloud, but it was hardly the last. At the recent Streaming Media West conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California, Encoding.com president Jeff Malkin described why transcoding is best outsourced.

"It's very computing intensive. I think 5 years ago when we launched, we were predominantly transcoding for Flash. My, has the world changed in 5 years," Malkin noted. "Our average customer now does about 20 output renditions including HLS and MP4s in various flavors and maybe -- if you're targeting Xbox -- Smooth Streaming has made a resurgence. Then, once you got into adaptive bitrate, like HLS and Smooth Streaming and HDS where you're chunking and doing multiple bitrate per chunk, it just requires an incredible amount of computing horsepower."

Now that the value of cloud or hybrid-cloud approaches has been proved, broadcasters are moving more of their workflow tasks online.

"I agree that when thinking about all of the components that will make up a video workflow…you have your CMS -- your content management system -- transcoding, you have your hosting, you have your video player you have to manage, you have your analytics and ad monetization. But of those components at scale, transcoding requires the most computing horsepower -- and is the most varied in terms of how much horsepower you need," Malkin said. "Very early on, we were a poster child for leveraging cloud computing. Now we're seeing many of these components. As things come full circle, I do think that for many there's a strong case to be made for hybrid approaches."

To learn more about how the enterprise can take advantage of cloud services watch the full discussion below.


Using Cloud-Based Video Services for the Enterprise

It seems all you hear about these days is public, private, and hybrid clouds. Are cloud services applicable for enterprise video as well? This session discusses the deployment options for cloud-based services for enterprise video with a focus on two primary methods of moving services to the cloud, encoding in the cloud, and media management in the cloud. The session addresses many questions around cloud-based enterprise services, including bandwidth concerns, pricing, and security. If you are considering moving to the cloud, this is a must- attend session.

Moderator: Andy Howard, Founder & Managing Director, Howard & Associates
Speaker: Dave Adams, Associate Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies, University of Utah
Speaker: Tim Baldwin, VP, Internet Media Services, Haivision
Speaker: Jeff Malkin, President, Encoding.com

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