Haivision: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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What to do with all this video?

Enterprises around the world are collecting video content at an exponential rate. With masses of content piling up, the new challenge for enterprises is making sense of these assets and making sure that the right assets are readily available to the right people at the right time. Only then can the true power of content be amplified throughout an organization. Here are a few predictions on how enterprises will find more value from video in the New Year.

Prediction #1: Metadata will be king

Everyone understands that file-based metadata such as tags simplify asset organization. However, deep-dive, time-based metadata can tell a truer story behind the content and can guide users to the most important moments. Such metadata can be injected at time of capture (real-time bookmarking, scene detection, time, and location) or extracted in post-production process (speech to text, OCR, etc).

Prediction #2: Curation and presentation is everything

Once you have the assets and the metadata, it is the challenge of the information manager to guide their audiences through a well-defined media experience in addition to opening up to advanced searches on file and time-based metadata. In the world that has heaps of information, effective use of that information will rely on tightly applied authentication, compliance, curation, and search.

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