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The 2022 Streaming Media 50: The 50 Tech Companies That Matter Most in Online Video

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Welcome to the 2022 Streaming Media 50, our annual list that foregrounds the industry’s most innovative and influential technology suppliers, service providers, and platforms, as acclaimed by our editorial team. Some are large and established industry standard-bearers, while others are comparably small and relatively new arrivals that are just beginning to make a splash. All set themselves apart from the crowd with their innovative approach and their commitment to serve the customer and advance the industry. It’s the fifth year we’ve capped the list at 50 companies.

Before we reveal the list, a few qualifiers: As usual, we’re focusing almost exclusively on technology vendors, rather than content companies. This mission of this list has always been to salute the companies that enable video services to deliver great content to consumers reliably and cost-effectively.

With this list, we continue to steer clear of companies whose offerings exclusively target the video production segment of the market covered primarily by StreamingMedia.com’s sister site, Streaming Media Producer.

Also, the Streaming Media 50 focuses exclusively on companies with headquarters in North America (including those with headquarters in both the U.S. and abroad that have expressed a preference for U.S.-based Streaming Media awards programs).

So how do we arrive at the list? We ask our regular contributors to look at a master list of all of the vendors in the online video marketplace and rank them on a scale of one (doesn’t belong in the Streaming Media 50 at all) to five (no list of the most important companies would be complete without it). The top 50 make the list.

Notably, 12 companies that were on the 2021 list didn't make it this year. Some of them just aren’t innovating or expanding their offerings, while others appear under different guises in this year’s list thanks to acquisitions, consolidations, and other industry reconfigurations.

Without further ado, welcome to the winner’s circle: the 2022 Streaming Media 50. Kudos to one and all.


Tom Leighton, Co-Founder and CEO

Akamai bills itself as “the world’s largest edge platform,” and it continues to do much to justify that bold claim. Akamai expanded its edge compute footprint in 2022 with the $900 million acquisition of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider Linode—narrowing the divide between edge and centralized cloud resources—and continues to elevate its cybersecurity profile.


Baskar Subramanian, Co-Founder and CEO

This cloud-based SaaS technology leader has extended its inroads into the burgeoning FAST market with a new CTV content distribution agreement with smart TV OS provider VIDAA. Amagi’s suite of solutions for channel distribution and monetization include CLOUDPORT and THUNDERSTORM, which are increasingly deployed in the service of the industry’s fastest growing segment.

Amazon Web Services

Adam Selipsky, CEO

When people casually refer to the cloud as “other people’s computers,” more often than not they mean Amazon’s computers, as Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to hold at bay an ever-increasing array of cloud contenders to remain the premier provider in cloud’s vast firmament. Providing a soup-to-nuts suite of both cloud and on-prem solutions for video encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivery, and monetization, the company continues to innovate, with its latest new service, Bastion, designed to address one of ad-tech’s most pressing issues: helping companies to target ads to potential customers without running afoul of existing data privacy laws.

More about AWS

AMD Xilinx

Lisa Su, Chair and CEO

In February 2022, when AMD acquired 2021 Streaming Media 50 honoree Xilinx—exalted in streaming circles as the inventor of the field-programmable gate array (FPGA)—some analysts proclaimed the acquisition “the biggest chip deal in history,” allowing the telecom giant to leverage Xilinx’s footprint in broadcast, consumer electronics, and defense and to vastly increase its data center penetration.


Steve Petilli, CEO

A leading provider of efficient media workflows, with offerings that include the FUEL streaming ad-tech platform, Bitcentral took a bold step into crypto-based monetization in early 2022 with the acquisition of D2C video publishing solution Powr.tv. The integration of FUEL and Power.tv brings new workflow agility to the M&E space with a scalable and AI-driven approach to turnkey premium OTT app development.

2022 View from the Top with Bitcentral's Steve Petilli

More about Bitcentral


Stefan Lederer, Co-Founder and CEO

Boasting an eye-popping client roster including the BBC, fuboTV, DAZN, ClassPass, iFlix, Discover, Globo, and more, Bitmovin has grown from a scrappy Austrian startup into a major player, always putting video quality at the forefront of its encoding, player, and analytics offerings. The per-title encoding pioneer debuted its first Live Event Encoder at IBC 2022, with early adopters like OKAST already acclaiming the “unrivaled” QoE it provides.


Marc DeBevoise, CEO

Brightcove underwent a substantial rebrand in 2021, launching headlong into the virtual event space. In addition, 2022 brought a new CEO from the media content company space (see “Q&A: Brightcove CEO Marc DeBevoise”), and Brightcove is working with government contractors to shore up its secure streaming capabilities for internal communications. As the streaming wave that began rising in the early days of the pandemic continues to roll, Brightcove remains, in CEO DeBevoise’s words, committed to “paddling companies closer to the wave so that they can catch it.

More about Brightcove


Christopher Levy, Founder and CEO

A subsidiary of French cloud computing provider OVHcloud since 2021, BuyDRM’s forensic watermarking and multi-DRM solutions supply security for high-value video content for prominent brands, such as Blizzard Entertainment, Crackle, EPIX, and Redbox. In mid-2022, BuyDRM inked a deal to provide streaming security for leading FAST platform Samsung TV Plus via its award-winning KeyOS Multi-DRM platform, vastly expanding BuyDRM’s footprint in the global smart TV sphere.

More about BuyDRM

Comcast Technology Solutions

Ken Klaer, President

The solutions arm of Comcast Cable, Comcast Technology Solutions offers a full suite of services targeting advertisers, content and streaming providers, MVPDs, and technology partners. In May 2022, Comcast Technology Solutions introduced its new Advertising Suite to bring addressable advertising at scale within reach of programmers and advertisers, enhancing audience-based buying, streamlining ad workflows, and helping brands reach more targeted audiences. Watch this space!


Keith Zubchevich, President and CEO

With its 58-patent Continuous Measurement Analytics platform processing nearly 3 trillion data events per day, Conviva’s claim that it’s “#1 in streaming analytics” seems secure for at least another year. And this year, it just kept running up the score; a key moment in Conviva’s 2022 highlight reel occurred during March Madness, when WarnerMedia and Paramount launched an alternative measurement strategy that leveraged Conviva technology to support linear and digital partners Comscore, iSpot.tv, and VideoAmp with multiple, successful, alternative cross-platform measurement solutions.


Martin Rogard, CEO

Dacast has been on the Streaming Media 50 since it was the Streaming Media 100, making its first appearance a full decade ago in 2012. Serving more than 15,000 clients, including Kellogg’s, The Weather Channel, and Cathay Pacific, with its end-to-end live-streaming solution, Dacast continues to upgrade its platform, counting new API keys, a fresh analytics board, and a live video monitor feature among enhancements added this year.

Digital Element

Jerrod Stoller, President

Even as OTT goes global, it must, by necessity, also remain local, and Digital Element’s world-renowned IP geolocation services serve a critical mission in a video world that, for issues surrounding licensing, advertising, and DRM, still needs to respect national borders. Ever attuned to the industry’s security needs, in April of this year, Digital Element rolled out Nodify, a new threat intelligence solution built to help security pros respond to VPN market changes and the ever-present dangers they pose to government networks and data.

2022 View from the Top with Digital Element

Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Kevin J. Yeaman, President and CEO

If there was ever any doubt of Dolby’s sound and vision supremacy keeping it a mainstay on this list, its February 2022 acquisition of real-time streaming platform Millicast further burnished its status as a prime-time player in the streaming industry. The WebRTC-based platform will complement Dolby.io and boost its interactive streaming bona fides, enabling Dolby customers to develop large-scale, highly interactive online experiences, while pointing toward ever-more immersive experiences with what Dolby.io director Ryan Jespersen called “the building blocks of the metaverse” in a dynamic Tech Talk at Streaming Media Connect this past August.


Bob Lyons, CEO

If you’re wondering why Limelight Networks (or Edgecast, for that matter) appears conspicuously absent from this list, look no further. The venerable CDN, which in 2021 sported a new CEO and a renewed emphasis on ultra-low-latency streaming, made headlines again in 2022 by acquiring Yahoo Edgecast and rebranding as Edgio, positioning itself as a global leader focused on native edge-enabled solutions. The newly configured company claims a whopping 20% share of world internet traffic delivery, with high-profile clients such as Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, Verizon, Disney, TikTok, and Twitter.


Michelle Munson, CEO and Founder

“During the last year, we have seen NFTs transform from something experimental to mainstream,” Michelle Munson said in an August 2022 interview with IBC.org, and she and her company, Eluvio, have hardly been passive observers of that transformation. Committed to “pushing the envelope in terms of directly engaging regular people,” Eluvio stands at the forefront of blockchain-based 4K streaming and ticketing, with an advanced technology that enables content creators to store, stream, mint, ticket, and trade their content experiences on blockchain. Welcome to the creator’s economy.


Olga Kornienko, Co-Founder and COO

EZDRM is at the forefront of not only multi-DRM, but educating the market about its value, with co-founder and COO Olga Kornienko a popular featured speaker at both virtual and in-person Streaming Media events. What’s perhaps most compelling, though, is the company’s commitment to every type of content protection application, no matter how esoteric, as evidenced by its sponsorship of our October 2021 survey, Content and Revenue Protection Trends 2021.

More about EZDRM

2022 View from the Top with EZDRM


Todd Nightingale, CEO

A leading provider of cloud-based edge content delivery, Fastly is acclaimed worldwide for its flexibility, security, and performance. The company has scaled up to more than 215Tbps of global capacity and more than 1.4 trillion requests a day. In September 2022, it welcomed a new CEO, Todd Nightingale, a former Cisco EVP who brings substantial enterprise networking and cloud experience to his new gig.

Float Left

Tom Schaeffer, Founder, President, and CEO

With 13 years in the business under its belt as a developer of innovative OTT solutions, Float Left has built relationships with high-visibility media brands with its user experience expertise and proven knack for flexibility and scalability. Today, it powers more than 450 apps on 10 different OTT platforms.


Maksim Lapshin, Founder and CTO

Offering a wide range of solutions for an equally wide range of streaming video applications, this two-time Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award finalist and two-time Streaming Media 50 selection’s product portfolio includes the popular Flussonic Media Server; its robust hardware-software solution, Coder; the Flussonic Watcher IP camera provisioning and recording solution; and the Flussonic Cloud suite of ready-to-use tools for launching your streaming service.

Google Cloud

Sundar Pichai, CEO

The rise of Google Cloud CDN in the content delivery market along with its well-rounded suite of OTT tools should come as no surprise, and this year, the platform raised its media and entertainment profile even higher. With its configurable caching, last-mile optimization, extensive logging and metrics, and support for hybrid and multicloud architecture, the CDN seems well-positioned to remain a fixture of cloud-based content delivery for years to come.


Mirko Wicha, Chairman, President, and CEO

Combine best-in-class encoders like the Makito X4 and the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol that Haivision invented, and you’ve got a low-latency combination that’s hard to beat. With next-gen 4K/UHD 5G contribution offerings and new cloud-based workflow management solutions debuting at IBC 2022, Haivision continues to impress.

More about Haivision


Patrick Harshman, President and CEO

Harmonic’s range of offerings for cloud video streaming and simplified broadcast workflows continues to grow, with its popular VOS360 cloud SaaS platform providing support for live sports streaming, FAST channel creation, targeted advertising at scale, and more. Harmonic’s video solutions are used by more than 5,000 media customers worldwide—including Bally Sports, Claro, Mola, Telstra, Telefónica, and TV5MONDE—processing half an exabyte of origin server traffic per year for millions of subscribers through leading service providers, broadcasters, and content owners.

More about Harmonic

Intertrust ExpressPlay

Talal G. Shamoon, CEO

The sponsor of Streaming Media’s Spring 2022 “Secure Streaming and Broadcast Workflows” research report—which revealed how converged security solutions with layered protection will become the industry norm—Intertrust ExpressPlay offers multi-DRM, watermarking, security, and offline DRM for premium and high-value OTT streaming and broadcast delivery.

More about Intertrust ExpressPlay


Ron Yekutiel, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO

One of the world’s biggest video platforms, which went public in July 2021, Kaltura expanded its virtual events platform, Kaltura Events, this past May, adding key new capabilities, including brandable event templates and increased automation to further enhance its positioning in the rapidly expanding market for live and simulive virtual and hybrid events. Although Kaltura has had a bumpy 12 months, don’t count it out yet.

More about Kaltura


Andreas Kisslinger, CEO

In an interview with Tim Siglin at Streaming Media East 2022, CEO Andreas Kisslinger described Lightcast as “an end-to-end OTT provider enabling publishers to upload and transcode, store, and deliver all their content—on-demand audio, video, live events, linear streams—to all devices and screens.” He also explained one of the critical needs the company fills: “New publishers across all verticals sometimes struggle to find a good business plan around their OTT presence and their media distribution. We offer advice and also a toolbox with various revenue opportunities beyond the beaten path.” Well said.

More about Lightcast

2022 View from the Top with Lightcast


Brian Hamilton, CEO

Already well-established with its enterprise-grade live video streaming platform serving customers across numerous verticals such as telehealth, online banking, gaming, and AR, LiveSwitch has had a big year: It was selected by Adobe to “modernize” its virtual learning and webinar platform Adobe Connect; was chosen by leading public safety software provider ProPhoenix to power its live-streaming app for 911 callers, dispatchers, and first responders; and partnered with Shocap Entertainment and Epic Games for real-time, immersive, XR circus production and 3D gaming. Well played.

More about LiveSwitch


Samuel Wasserman, CEO

Recently acclaimed by CNBC for “defining the industry it once disrupted,” LiveU made its name pioneering and supplying the key enabling technologies to drive and elevate citizen journalism, while also proving just as pivotal to the efforts of high-profile adopters like American Airlines and NASA, which continues to rely on LiveU’s “deliver anywhere” solutions for its most mission-critical field work.

More about LiveU

LTN Global

Yousef Javadi, Co-Founder, CEO, and President

LTN Global continues to bridge the gap between broadcast and streaming with its LTN Ecosystem and family of adaptable, scalable, workflow-simplifying global broadcast and OTT video solutions. The company is showing up in all sorts of cool places these days, including partnering with ESPN to stream the semis and finals of the 2022 Native American Basketball Invitational tournament, the first all-Native American youth tournament hosted on a major sports network.

More about LTN Global


Jeffrey Storey, President and CEO

Telco-CDN supergroup Lumen is a Streaming Media 50 perennial that continues to expand its edge compute footprint, with peered network solutions that the company touts as meeting 97% of U.S. enterprise needs with 5 ms of latency or less.


Allen Broome, CEO

MediaKind is all about large-scale live streaming, devoting much of its attention over the last 2 years to enable the digital transition of one of America’s biggest sports leagues and connect it with younger viewers. MediaKind’s Engage solution, running on Azure, has been fundamental to the sports league’s project, helping to reduce the complexity and costs associated with transitioning its respective workflows to the cloud.


Kumar Subramanian, CEO

MediaMelon’s SmartSight streaming intelligence platform consists of three components designed to optimize video service delivery: QoE, Ads, and QBR. Of the Ads component, CEO Kumar Subramanian told Streaming Media, “The reason people come to our platform is to get visibility on experience and be able to be informed on what they should do to improve engagement.”


Satya Nadella, CEO

Microsoft’s recently announced partnership with Netflix to provide the driving technology for the popular OTT service’s forthcoming ad-supported tier signaled fascinating market shifts going forward for the world of entertainment SVOD and AVOD and sparked endless speculation on what lies ahead for the (slightly) struggling OTT champ and the Redmond technology giant. Time will tell.


Jon Dahl, Co-Founder and CEO

The provider of an API designed to get developers into live and VOD streaming with the tools to brand, customize, and scale their offerings, Mux has put particular emphasis on upping its data and analytics game in 2022, introducing Streaming Exports and Mux Data video views to provide real-time streaming of individual views as they happen.


Tobi Hartmann, CEO

Industry veteran Chris Knowlton joined lecture-capture pioneer Panopto this spring as chief evangelist. He sat down with Streaming Media’s Tim Siglin at Streaming Media East and made a compelling case for the value of fully searchable video archives, especially in higher education since classrooms started flipping in earnest with the widespread shift to elearning and hybrid education in 2020. With a strong focus on the education market, Panopto continues to innovate and put powerful search features front and center.


Michael Willner, CEO and Chairman

With a high-profile client list that includes Paramount+, Fox, and Showtime, SaaS company Penthera is all about the last mile, committed to solving critical QoE issues such as buffering and low video quality to ensure its OTT customers suffer minimal churn. Penthera’s recently launched PlayAssure seeks to keep viewers tuned in longer by building a more extensive real-time buffer on streams during video playback.

2022 View from the Top with Penthera

Phenix Real-Time Solutions

Roy Reichbach, CEO

Phenix partnered with Streaming Media on a 2022 survey, “The Business Value of Real-Time Streaming,” which is apropos for a company that carries “Real-Time Solutions” as part of its name. With a strong focus on sports in general and in-game betting in particular—two areas whose sine qua non is ultra-low (less than 1/2-second) latency—Phenix continues to drive engagement and higher revenues for its customers throughout the sports and betting worlds.

Read the 2022 Real-Time Streaming Business Value Report sponsored by Phenix

More about Phenix Real-Time Solutions


Andre Christensen, CEO

A Canada-based provider of managed services that power Tier 1 streaming providers, Quickplay—with the ink just drying on its rebrand from Firstlight Media—had more than a new name to reveal at IBC 2022, leveraging its Google Cloud collaboration (announced just a few months earlier at NAB) to showcase Google Cloud’s first streamlined FAST channels as well as AI/ML-powered churn prediction and subscriber retention capabilities that more than a few SVOD services hope might help stop (or at least anticipate) the bleeding, as churn becomes increasingly endemic throughout the subscription-based OTT market.

2022 View from the Top with Quickplay


Alon Maor, CEO

With headquarters in Israel and Redwood City, Calif., Qwilt maintains a global presence in cloud-based edge content delivery through partnerships with major service providers and a long-standing rep for top-quality streaming. In May 2022, Qwilt launched a new API-driven service for website content delivery, leveraging its existing open-caching tech and global network of service provider partners.

2022 View from the Top with Qwilt


Margaret Craig, CEO

Signiant teamed up with Streaming Media this summer to deliver an enlightening survey, “Media and Broadcast File-Transfer Workflow Challenges,” one of many highlights in a year in which the FTP specialist launched a new media engine to enable search, preview, and more for Signiant SaaS customers with media housed in Signiant-connected storage. Meanwhile, Signiant’s multi-tenant Media Shuttle DAM/MAM companion remains an industry mainstay.

2022 View from the Top with Signiant

More about Signiant


Abdul Rehman, Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO

Just before Streaming Media went to press came the blockbuster announcement that immersive cinema giant IMAX had acquired SSIMWAVE, citing SSIMWAVE's "revolutionary work at the intersection of human visual perception and image enhancement technology" and anticipating near-term gains in SaaS revenue and content partnerships, while setting their sights on a "new horizon in our ability to to deliver the best images for any creator, across every screen." We're happy to be the latest to extend our kudos to SSIMWAVE--whose video optimization and QA innovations have landed them on this list multiple times--in their new role as an IMAX subsidiary retaining their own brand identity and name.

2022 View from the Top with SSIMWAVE

More about SSIMWAVE


Christopher (Kip) Turco, CEO

StackPath’s SP// CDN spotlights content protection, asset optimization, and robust customization tools among the features it offers to companies that are looking to build their own edge networks. This year found the leading-edge platform provider availing customers of new subscription levels in its Web Application Firewall (WAF), including improved threat-detection capabilities.

TAG Video Systems

Tomer Schechter, CEO

TAG’s client list for its software-based QoS monitoring solution reads like a who’s who of leading global media companies, with names like NBC, CBS, Ericsson, the BBC, Sony, WarnerMedia, and HBO. With feet firmly planted in both OTT and broadcast, the company also provides its solution to esports producers, supporting ultra-low-latency delivery, HD and UHD output, maximum asset utilization, and (of course) adaptable and user-customizable independent monitoring.

2022 View from the Top with TAG Video Systems

More about TAG Video Systems


Dan Castles, CEO

Hardware, software, cloud, on-prem, live, VOD—Telestream does it all. And it does it well. The company can’t seem to stay out of the news, including the acquisition of VOD media processing specialist Encoding.com, the latest C2+ model to join the Lightspeed Live server family, and the introduction of the ARGUS next-gen centralized video-monitoring management platform.

More about Telestream


George Bokuchava, Co-Founder, CEO, and President

A global content delivery company devoted to helping broadcasters of all sizes—fitness studios, houses of worship, and schools, as well as “traditional” broadcasters—get their video to their viewers, Tulix helped Streaming Media take the temperature of the industry earlier this year by sponsoring our biannual State of Streaming survey (keep an eye out for the Autumn edition of the survey coming this November at Streaming Media West).

More about Tulix


Anjali Sud, CEO

Determined to supply the industry’s most complete and forward-looking set of solutions for corporate and marketing streamers along with its long-standing, robust live-streaming and video management platform, Vimeo keeps rolling out cool new offerings like the Vimeo Experts certification, training, networking, and professional growth program that launched in February 2022 to help ambitious video creators up their game.

Vizrt Group

Michael Hallén, CEO

Norway-based Vizrt secures its spot on this list via its San Antonio-based subsidiary NewTek, whose NDI protocol has revolutionized the ways video gets captured, distributed, and edited. Among numerous NDI-related innovations unveiled this year was CaptureCast, an automated lecture-capture solution tailor-made for the burgeoning EDU market with its multi-input, multi-room recording and streaming designed to connect any classroom to the world at large via NDI without requiring a dedicated streaming op.


Sean Doherty, CEO

The self-described “world leader” in powering streaming TV, Wurl also offers a CTV and OTT advertising platform. The company does indeed power much of the ongoing FAST insurgency in the M&E space. In late 2021, it introduced Global FAST Pass, a solution for FAST channels that counts 1,200–2,000 channels in its portfolio today, with clients such as A+E Networks, Bloomberg, BBC Studios, TED, MotorTrend, and—most recently, at this writing—Canela, which launched Wurl-powered Spanish-language FAST channels in the U.S. and Latin America this August.


Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO

Live video delivery acceleration has become video-over-IP pioneer Zixi’s primary stock in trade, exemplified today by its Software-Defined Video Platform (SVDP), a versatile solution for delivering live video using any protocol, over any network, to any destination. The latest enhancements to SVDP include optimized live-event scheduling and operational management.

More about Zixi


Eric S. Yuan, Founder and CEO

When the world went remote, Zoom completely revolutionized the world of videoconferencing and collaboration, leaving established players like Skype, Google, and Microsoft in the dust. With the 2021 launch of Zoom Events, the company angled for a chunk of the ever-expanding virtual events market, and although the platform remains a work in progress at this writing, I wouldn’t count it out.


Ed Laczynski, CEO

With a business built on providing all-purpose video management and distribution infrastructure, in April 2022, Zype rolled out the second generation of its Apps Creator platform for building high-quality, no-code OTT streaming apps. This latest release features flexible monetization models, support for third-party subscriber management platforms like Cleeng and Stripe, multilingual support, and, of course, deep integration with Zype’s own Streaming Platform, CMS, and CRM.

More about Zype

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