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Quickplay: A View from the Top

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Innovating the Future of OTT

In streaming, there’s no standing still.

An industry that has reinvented itself innumerable times is on the move again. Cloud-native platforms – we’ve led the way for them at Quickplay – are helping OTT providers achieve unequaled flexibility, agility, and scalability as they deploy new services or remake existing ones.

Since we founded Quickplay almost two decades ago, there’s almost no scenario we haven’t faced. We’ve powered dozens of services in over 50 countries, navigated the most challenging operational issues, and spearheaded innovations that have delivered high-quality services and high concurrency live events in some of the most difficult operational environments.

Every deployment is unique, and with cloud-native the sky is the limit for our customers: “Glocal” services efficiently support multiple regions and languages using the same backend. Sports coverage and recaps tailor camera angles and highlights to viewers’ desires. Hybrid monetization models allow SVOD, AVOD, FAST and more to make the most of pre-existing, pre-encoded assets.

As Google Cloud’s Industry Solution Media & Entertainment Partner of the Year and Microsoft’s Media & Entertainment Partner of the Year Award finalist, we are what’s next. At IBC we stormed Europe: Received a Best-of-Show for our FAST channels with better personalization engagement, and monetization; churn prevention modules to detect and address wavering subscriber loyalties; high performance live streaming; and pre-integrated ad management capabilities that bring together the ecosystems of streaming providers, CTV platform owners and advertisers.

Just as we’ve done in the past, we’re innovating to drive streaming forward. Are you ready for the future of OTT?


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