Bitmovin Inc

Bitmovin Inc
  • 41 Drumm Street
  • San Francisco CA CA 94111
  • USA
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Bitmovin is a leading provider of video software and cloud infrastructure for online media companies and enterprises globally. Bitmovin technology innovations focus on video encoding, playback, and analytics around user experiences. Innovations include the co-authoring of the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol and the first commercial HTML5 MPEG-DASH player, as well as massively parallel cloud-native API-driven encoding, featuring the first commercial AV1 next-generation codec.

Bitmovin is based in San Francisco, CA, USA and Klagenfurt, Austria and privately owned. Our investors include YCombinator (YC S15), Highland Europe, Atomico, SpeedInvest, Constantia Industries and Dawn Capital.

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Product Description

The Bitmovin Cloud Encoding Service offers a scalable cloud infrastructure capable of encoding up to 100x faster than any other service.

The Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player uses patented software technology to predict and avoid buffering better than any other player on the market.

All products support MPEG-DASH and HLS as well as DRM integration, Ad servers, HEVC, VR and 360° and much more.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • The future of video streaming is here
    Bitmovin powers the world's largest OTT online video providers with video developer tools, built by industry experts. With Bitmovin's Encoding, Player and Analytics products, redefine the viewer experience, while drastically lowering streaming costs.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Container Formats
    This whitepaper is a comprehensive overview of the definitions, technologies, & processes that you need to know when working within the back-end of an organization's video-stack. The information inside will help you get started in understanding the Video Tech industry - or - simply a great refresher in case you've forgotten what's on the market! Download today to learn about the latest in Video Codecs, Container Formats, and how CDNs work!
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Everything you need to know
    The necessity for streaming capabilities amongst video content distributors is at an all time high! Consumers and developers alike are racing to find and distribute the best content at their disposal. Unfortunately, this high demand for video content is often undermined by a lack of security around original content. As a result, creators and distributors alike are finding themselves in position where they need to protect themselves; enter DRM technologies – what are they? and how do they work?
    The Bitmovin Video Developer Report provides key insights into the evolving technology trends of the digital video industry. This report acts as a handy reference for how the video streaming industry is shaped by consumer demands and technology challenges.
  • Choosing the Best Per-Title Encoding Technology
    This whitepaper is a comprehensive overview of how per-title encoding technologies work and factors to consider when examining different per-title technologies. After testing eleven different per-title technologies, encoding expert and consultant Jan Ozer provided his thoughts and analyses on various per-title encoding systems.

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