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LTN Global
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LTN Global is a media technology leader that positions broadcasters and streaming media companies to win the future of video. LTN’s media ecosystem unifies, optimizes, and automates the video workflow, empowering users to acquire, transform, deliver, and monetize content at scale. Leveraging the most reliable IP video network, LTN enables innovators to multicast transmission-critical, low-latency streaming video content to all digital, social & OTT platforms, from any source to any screen. LTN’s live video cloud gives you visibility into an unlimited number of real-time sources and turn content into revenue-generating assets, backed by a fully managed service.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Transitioning to IP White Paper
    Moving Full-Time Channel Distribution from Satellite to Terrestrial IP Networks Without Losing Sleep: An Introduction to LTN’s Dynamic Multi-Carrier Routing Architecture This white paper will examine the content delivery challenge faced by media companies today; describe the potential solution of the public Internet and the inherent difficulties it bears; and more important, explain the unique, patented technology and powerful data network that LTN has created in order to solve the problem.
    The LTN LEAF™ is an integrated appliance that provides the flexibility of multiple encode and decode configurations. The LTN LEAF provides a cost-effective, fully managed solution for transmitting or receiving broadcast-quality video. The encoder/decoder configurations and transport service are managed by LTN Global to provide a simple and reliable solution. Just connect to the SDI video ports on the appliance, and you can transmit and receive broadcasts to and from any site on the LTN Network. The LTN LEAF provides a low-latency encode mode to support interactive interviews and live shots with lower end-to-end latency (SDI to SDI) than satellite. The LEAF also produces very high-quality encoding for fast-motion sports and complex tape playout content at bitrates up to 20 Mbps. The LTN LEAF can also provide high-quality multi-codec decoding of up to four simultaneous feeds.