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How Bitmovin Helps Clients Make Sense of Streaming Metrics

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Igor Oreper: Everyone comes from a different place, and we try to meet them where they are. Some come to us as experts. They've used lots of analytics products. They understand what questions they want answered really well about their video streaming service. And in those cases, we help in a very direct way: "You want this? Here's how you get it."

And then there are those that come to us who maybe haven't really measured their service in depth, or they're launching a brand new service and this is a new experience for them. And so that's where we talk to best practices: Why do you want to measure audience engagement or or ad engagement or quality of experience? What does buffering mean? What does startup time mean? Those are kind of the basics.

And so we help in the initial onboarding process with our new customers to explain all of those things and to point them in a direction where they want to go. Obviously, there's a plethora of data. They can measure a lot of things. They could tailor their integration in a way to measure specific aspects of the experience. So we try to guide them towards where they want to go or where we think they want to go. And then, once they're using the product, it's always easier to see what you have and start to make sense of it. That's when it really starts to click, and you start to understand.

And so one of the things that we offer is effectively a baseline--your metrics for your service compared to all of our other customer services or similar services. Because a lot of the questions are about, "Is my buffering 1%? Is that good or bad? Right. Do I need to improve it?" If that's your number one priority and your service is going to be unsuccessful if you don't improve it, probably not. So we help to surface data from similar customers to give our customers an idea of where they are relative to the average of their cohort or their community.

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