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Streaming Media's Trendsetting Products and Services of 2024

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A recent Forbes Home survey revealed that 99% of all U.S. households pay for one or more streaming services and that viewers are engaging with streaming content a staggering 21 hours per week. The rest of the report’s analysis focuses on streaming consumers’ subscription choices—how many services per user, how many subscribers per service, year-over-year subscription growth rates, how users rate each service’s UX, and so forth. The report concludes that streaming has emerged as a “colossal economic force” valued at $544 billion in 2024 and projects that this number will soar to $1,902 billion by 2030.

While this survey steers clear of any discussion of the underlying technologies that enable streaming delivery at every stage—the majority of which would be invisible to the consumers surveyed, in any event—any report on trends in streaming usage that demonstrates so convincingly that streaming experiences have become a cornerstone of everyday life provides ample evidence that the enabling technologies, tools, and services setting the trends have taken on critical importance as well.

It takes tremendous technological innovation across a wide range of categories to meet the requirements of high-quality, reliable, and secure streaming delivery—be it live, on-demand, or live-to-on-demand. Somewhere among the array of tech companies serving the industry is someone offering the right tool (or service) for every job. And if it’s not out yet, they’re working on it. And if industry progress seems to be moving inexorably cloudward and incorporating AI as never before, that’s just another indication that the much-ballyhooed technologies
that make these trends possible aren’t mere flashes in the pan; they’re simply ideas whose time has come.

Seeing the forest for the trees is a challenge in a fast-changing industry, as is identifying prevailing industry trends amid the constant barrage of product announcements and cyclical technology updates that keep the industry moving. This was certainly the case when wandering the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall at NAB 2024, which was packed to the gills with compelling streaming tech vendors touting eye-catching and innovative offerings.

But, often, it’s the products and services that make and define the industry trends when they signal true innovation and catch on with discerning streaming professionals who know when a product or service not only works or serves their immediate needs, but makes workflows more efficient, enables new approaches, and helps drive the industry forward. Each and every one of Streaming Media’s Trendsetting Products and Services of 2024 meet those criteria and elevate the streaming ecosystem.



Interactive Live Streaming SDK—Agora’s fully customizable SDK drives engagement in any virtual space, with voice calling, video calling, interactive live streaming, broadcast streaming, real-time messaging, chat, and an interactive whiteboard, as well as extensions to add real-time functionality quickly.



HELO Plus—HELO Plus is a compact, advanced H.264 streaming and recording standalone appliance that offers high-quality streaming with ultra-reliable performance for any critical streaming service needs, including esports, news, sports, education, live events, and more.



Amagi THUNDERSTORM—Providing automated ad detection and dynamic ad-insertion-as-a-service to monetize live, linear, and VOD content, THUNDERSTORM addresses the latest privacy regulations and data protection laws and supports DRM for content protection and token-based authentication.



AMD Alveo MA35D Media Accelerator—An ASIC-based video processing unit powers the AMD Alveo MA35D Media Accelerator to maximize streaming density per card. The architecture is custom-built for the area-, power-, and cost-per-channel to deliver outstanding economics for high-volume streaming.



Ateliere Connect—Ateliere Connect is a cloud-native media supply chain solution that helps media companies of all sizes manage and deliver their video content to multiple endpoints, with 75%–90% fewer storage costs, native component-based workflows, and simplified recipe-based packaging and delivery.



AWS Elemental MediaConnect—AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a high-quality transport service for live video. It delivers the reliability and security of satellite and fiber-optic combined with the flexibility, agility, and economics of IP-based networks.



X1 Ultra—The BirdDog X1 and X1 Ultra are positioned as “PTZs like no other,” with smooth, controllable movement; stunning image quality; Halo Tally; AI tracking; and NDI decode-enabled confidence monitoring or teleprompting output directly from the camera.



ViewNexa—ViewNexa has created a dynamic approach to manage, distribute, and monetize content across various websites, applications, and FAST partnerships. It simplifies engineering complexities and expedites time to market, making it easier to establish a successful and diverse
video-streaming business.



Next-Generation VOD Encoder—The Next-Generation VOD Encoder is a multi-codec streaming encoder that features per-title and per-shot optimizations and 8K and multi-HDR support, plus cloud-native scalability and integration with AWS, Azure, GCP, and, most recently, Akamai Cloud Connect.

Blackmagic Design


ATEM Television Studio 4K8—The ATEM Television Studio 4K8 live production switcher combines all of the broadcast features of the ATEM Television Studio HD with additional support for UltraHD standards up to 2160p60. It supports live streaming, talkback, and optional internal network storage and features a joystick for precise DVE control.

BLOX Digital


BLOX CMS—BLOX CMS is the ultimate content management system for digital content producers. It provides powerful tools that make it quick and efficient to create and manage your digital content.



Castr for Live TV—Castr’s all-inclusive live-streaming platform is designed to reduce the friction of the streaming space entirely, making it easier for streamers and content creators to connect directly with their audiences.



Cloudinary Video API—The Cloudinary Video API is a comprehensive, AI-powered solution designed to streamline the management, optimization, and delivery of video content across various platforms. With advanced features such as automatic video transcoding, format selection, and adaptive bitrate streaming, it ensures optimal video quality and playback experience on any device, adapting to different network conditions.



Operational Data Platform—Conviva’s customer-centric operational analytics platform lets customers do both monitoring and analytics on high-cardinality, live, and historical data to detect unknown issues, conduct root cause identification, and surface areas for improvement.

Digital Element


IP Geolocation—IP Geolocation uncovers many actionable insights, including connection types, proxies, and demographic data that can be used for diverse applications such as fraud and security, legal compliance, online advertising, network routing, and localized content.



Dolby Millicast—Dolby Millicast delivers lightning-fast, broadcast-quality, real-time streaming to massive audiences across the globe. It powers the next generation of immersive, interactive, and social experiences with sub-second latency at scale.



EdgeNext Live Streaming—Relying on its distributed global edge cloud network, EdgeNext has developed a high-availability, high-concurrency, low-latency, and easy-to-access video platform for live-streaming services, all of which are enabled from an integrated live-streaming solution. The platform fully integrates live-stream recording, media processing, content distribution, and data analysis.



Elecard StreamEye Studio—Elecard StreamEye Studio is a set of tools for video bitstream analysis, syntax analysis, standard compliance validation, transport stream validation, and quality analysis by PSNR, SSIM, and VMAF metrics. VVC, AVS3, HEVC, H.264/AVC, AV1, VP9, and MPEG-1/2 video formats are supported.



Content FabricThis next-generation content distribution and storage system provides fast, efficient, tamper-proof streaming, download, and monetization of any digital media content at scale. Building on the Fabric’s existing tamper-proof, owner-controlled content model, the latest release, Casablanca, includes a new content verification and proof API.



Altitude Media Cloud—Explicitly designed for broadcast-quality media processing, Altitude Media Cloud provides a high-performance, flexible, and scalable platform for channel aggregation, archive storage, playout, and VOD processing. It is an easy button for managing and leveraging content without the headache of building and maintaining a back-end technical framework. It scales to match your needs at a speed that would be difficult to do internally.



Customer 360 Monetization Platform—From customer number one to 1 million, you can get to know each on a granular level with Customer 360 by connecting data across business departments, with a complete customer view, agile customer support, and complete solution architecture.



Universal DRM—Universal DRM is a service that combines Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM with Google’s Widevine DRM and Huawei’s WisePlay DRM to offer seamless and efficient delivery of video content using MPEG-DASH-compatible multi-DRM stream security, with a broad range of DRM license server options available for each content asset.



FAST Linear SSAI Channel Creation—FASTchannels.tv
has taken a unique approach in the creation of its FAST SSAI channels by automating the channel-creation process.
 As a result, it can create a new channel within 25 days, facilitating rapid deployment and delivery to third-party/ OTT platforms and allowing monetization to begin immediately. FASTchannels.tv follows industry standards to avoid proprietary technology, which further enables easy integration with others in the SSAI ecosystem, like AWS Elemental MediaTailor, SpringServe, AWS CloudFront, SpotX, Publica, etc.



Fortinet Security FabricThis is the industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity mesh platform, powered by FortiOS. It spans the extended digital attack surface and cycle, enabling self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data, and applications, along with bringing together the concepts of convergence and consolidation to provide comprehensive, real-time cybersecurity protection.



Studio 5—Create and operate 24/7 broadcast-quality channels with tools that are as simple to use as the ones you use every day. Studio 5 is the control center for your FAST channel business, with real-time alerts and notifications that allow you to monitor stream health and quality and manage your channels’ distribution lifecycle.



Google Cloud—Google Cloud offers a complete data foundation to unify all workloads and manage the entire data lifecycle. The solution is designed to run data anywhere, so you can leverage your data across all clouds, on-prem, and access it in the most popular SaaS apps. Google Cloud is built with and for AI, so you can get the latest tools for machine learning analysis, prompting, tuning, training, and deploying custom foundation models—all connected to your business data.



Makito X4 Video EncoderThe ultra-low-latency Makito X4 Video Encoder provides the quality, flexibility, and reliability needed for the most demanding live video transport applications leveraging SDI or SMPTE ST 2110. Widely deployed by broadcast, enterprise, and defense customers, the Makito X4 Video Encoder efficiently encodes and streams pristine 4K UHD and HD video at ultra-low latency. With a rich set of features available in a compact form-factor, it provides the quality, security, and reliability needed for even the most demanding live video applications.



VOS360 Media SaaS PlatformThis end-to-end video platform simplifies all stages of media processing and delivery for premium video streaming and broadcast services. Running on all major public clouds, it provides unparalleled agility, resiliency, security, and scalability for a superior viewing experience.



Blazar Just-in-Time High-Speed Transcoding—Just-in-Time Transcoding (JITT) is a method in which compressed video and audio signals are converted from one format to another at the precise moment a request for the signal is made by a video or audio player. This requires the transcoding system to function at speeds much faster than real time. Blazar Just-in-Time High-Speed Transcoding, a dynamically scalable device, has the unique ability to transcode at a speed up to 100 times faster than real time.

Interra Systems


ORION—ORION is a real-time content-monitoring system that enables service providers to deliver error-free, superior-quality video. It provides real-time monitoring of IP-based infrastructures that looks at all aspects of video streams, such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, ad-insertion verification, reporting, and troubleshooting. ORION performs critical monitoring functions on hundreds of services simultaneously from one platform, providing an operator with a single point of visibility and access to important information, such as status, alerts, alarms, visible impairments, error reports, triggered captures, and more.


Intertrust ExpressPlay


ExpressPlay DRM—ExpressPlay DRM is a cloud-based DRM service enabling secure, low-latency streaming with a global footprint and proven scalability. The ExpressPlay multi-DRM service supports all major DRM systems: Apple’s FairPlay Streaming, Google’s Widevine, Microsoft’s PlayReady, and the long-established Marlin specification. It is a cost-effective solution that scales to protect millions of concurrent global viewers for major live events.


JW Player


Live and VOD StreamingThese award-winning live-streaming solutions that are designed for scale offer broadcast-grade 24/7 instant live events and comprehensive live-to-VOD and catch-up services so you can connect and engage deeper with global audiences. They allow you to deliver the highest-quality broadcasts to global audiences at massive scale, with deployment and management custom fit to your unique needs.



LiveU Solo PROThe LiveU Solo PRO video encoder together with its Solo Creator Universe offers one-touch wireless live streaming directly from your camera to popular online platforms and any web destination. Enjoy superior live video quality and reliability with up to 4K resolution and bonded 4G/5G streaming.

LTN Global


LTN EcosystemThe LTN Ecosystem makes content more valuable and relevant for media companies, distributors, and global audiences. From creation and acquisition through monetization and delivery, it connects the world with transformative video experiences using full-time and event-based workflows; acquisition, contribution, and distribution workflows; and production, ad-enablement, and repurposing workflows.



Director Mini—Combining multi-input switching, graphics, streaming, recording, and monitoring in one compact device, Director Mini enables a single operator to easily create visually compelling productions for live event coverage, remote production feeds, and more.

Media Excel


HERO 4KThis encoder opens the next level of video experiences for customers of premium broadcast, cable and satellite, mobile, and OTT/TVE services. HERO 4K meets and exceeds the rigorous demands required for UHD/HEVC elevated processing power, using reduced bandwidth transport capacity while delivering superior 4K video quality and 60 fps motion fluency. For both Live and File workflows, at the data center or in the cloud, HERO 4K provides production-ready 4K HEVC that is standards-compliant and field-proven.



AquilaThe Emmy Award-winning Aquila enables broadcasters, operators, and service providers to efficiently and reliably transmit live video content to viewers. It also offers OTT media delivery service on any network, with a broadcast-like experience, while creating new revenue streams with digital dynamic ad insertion.



MediaPlatform Broadcaster—MediaPlatform Broadcaster is built exclusively for the unique requirements of business broadcasting. Similar to TV, businesses make significant investments in their broadcasts, and they expect an ROI. Unlike with consumer platforms, businesses don’t hope the right people have viewed; they expect to know. And unlike with meeting platforms, businesses expect to understand how their audiences reacted to the news they’ve shared so they can respond, and invest, accordingly. MediaPlatform Broadcaster delivers these assurances, as well as new formats that make every broadcast entertaining and interactive.



Azure Media ServicesThis solution allows you to use high-definition video encoding and streaming services to reach your audiences on the devices they use and enhance content discoverability and performance with AI, all while helping to protect your content with DRM. Azure Media Services offers a multi-channel pipeline that orchestrates video and audio analysis and incorporates cues into a single timeline. There is a web interface for easy evaluation and integration, plus easy-to-use web widgets and REST APIs, intuitive customization and management features, and compliance with regulations, including HIPAA, ISO 27001-27018, FedRAMP, HITRUST, and PCI.



Mux Video—Mux solves the hard problems software teams face when building video, whether it’s a live-streaming platform, video chat, or an on-demand video catalog. Businesses use Mux to launch video features in days, customize the player experience, and monitor video streaming performance, all while scaling seamlessly to the world’s largest audiences.



T408 Video TranscoderT408 is a U.2 form-factor video transcoder containing a single Codensity G4 ASIC. Operating in x86 and Arm-based servers, T408 enables video streaming services and platforms to move from software to hardware in the data center to power real-time video applications at a TCO that is 10x less than CPU-based solutions. It features high-density real-time UHD video transcoding, software integration with FFmpeg and GStreamer library support, integration into enterprise-class NVMe servers, and high power efficiency.



Norsk SDK—Norsk makes even the most demanding of media workflows straightforward, enabling you to exceed customers’ expectations. You can easily implement picture in picture, multi-camera editing, sophisticated overlays, and more. The simplicity of Norsk means you need far fewer lines of code. The no-code Norsk Studio makes it even easier, providing a visual interface built on top of the Norsk SDK.



OBSBOT Tail Air—OBSBOT’s flagship Tail Air AI-powered PTZ streaming camera delivers 4K video at 30 fps or 1080p HD at 60 fps to ensure crystal-clear visuals. Tail Air’s advanced AI auto-tracking smoothly follows people, objects, or animals at 120°/s. Meanwhile, time-of-flight technology enhances auto-focus speed and efficiency in both bright and low-light situations for a more natural viewer experience.



PallyCon Forensic Watermarking—PallyCon Forensic Watermarking is a cloud-based SaaS that provides transcoding, multi-DRM, and forensic watermarking in a single workflow. It is pre-integrated with leading CDN vendors such as CloudFront, Akamai, and Fastly for streaming watermarked content.

Phenix Real-Time Solutions


Real-Time Video Delivery Platform—Phenix lets you expand your reach and improve engagement with broadcast-quality video delivery to global audiences. Through a unique combination of industry standards and patented technology, Phenix is able to deliver broadcast-quality video with less than a half-second from camera to viewer.



Pronology mRes—Pronology mRes is a cutting-edge, standalone, multi-resolution encoder with a unique uncompressed recording architecture that seamlessly records three tiers of uncompressed video per SDI input channel prior to wrapping: a high-resolution media file, an edit proxy, and a live web-streamable proxy. The mRes encoder ensures that every “bit” of your acquired video content will never lose its original quality or metadata—ever. mRes makes a full uncompressed copy locally to the recording server and writes all compressed files to any external storage you choose.



PTZOptics Hive—PTZOptics Hive revolutionizes video production by merging professional-grade camera control with real-time switching and recording. This unified platform allows for seamless connection, control, and creation from anywhere.



Media Orchestrator—Developed from the ground up for incredible flexibility and efficiency, Media Orchestrator is designed to simplify the media supply chain challenges of content ingestion organization, planning, versioning, packaging, reporting, and more. It reduces reliance on manual processes and assures that content meets all specifications from aggregation to distribution.



Qwilt Open Edge CloudThe Qwilt Open Edge Cloud solution for service providers changes the conversation. It’s a new architecture for content delivery and more, relying on edge computing to create network capacity in a different form so you can scale for less and serve streaming content and higher quality from the edge. Furthermore, it places you back into the content delivery value chain so you can activate new business models and revenue streams. It’s time to go to the edge.



Subscription Management PlatformThis platform allows users to manage subscribers at scale and to gain a complete view of subscribers and subscriptions and handle them with ease through integrated subscription and communications tools that simplify complexity and accelerate growth. Users can capture their share of the market and drive growth faster with cohesive subscriber management, automated communications, and flexible plan configuration.



Red5 ProThe Red5 Pro Server allows you to build scalable live-streaming applications. Built on the open source Red5 Server, the Red5 Pro Server is a standalone server distribution that provides all of the possibilities from Red5 with the addition of multiple custom streaming plugins.



StudioThis all-in-one streaming solution makes it simple to find the features you need to make your digital experience the best it can be. In addition, Studio offers Content Library, a VOD service that allows you to store, organize, and share your archived video content with your audience. Viewers can control playback speeds, choose subtitles, and much more. Improved scheduling tools allow you to get from idea to schedule to delivery faster.

Reticulate Micro


VAST Video EncodingVAST is a software-based, real-time video and image encoding system that supports AV1. Its primary value is real-time encoding of video at bitrates lower than legacy codecs such as H.264 and HEVC. VAST is specifically tuned to address ultra-low-bandwidth requirements experienced in many tactical or edge networks, far exceeding the capability of other encoders, with streaming bitrates as low as 40Kbps.



Media ShuttleThis is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size file, anywhere, fast. Signiant’s patented file acceleration technology practically eliminates latency, taking advantage of all available bandwidth without restrictions. Media Shuttle includes Checkpoint Restart, which automatically resumes any interrupted transfers from the point of failure; Transport Layer Security; no file size limits; enterprise-grade capabilities that are easy to deploy, operate, and use; flexible storage options; and much more.



Media Buying PlatformWhether at home or on the go, watching on a big screen or small, this CTV solution will deliver impactful streaming ads to your most relevant audiences. By leveraging Simpli.fi’s unstructured data, you can identify and connect with distinct audiences of your choice. Your advertising can reach viewers across the country with pinpoint accuracy and storytelling measurement.



Nimble Streamer—A software streaming server, Nimble Streamer can act as an origin server as well as an efficient computing edge solution. It is a powerful and flexible streaming server that supports a wide range of protocols and formats, including SRT, RTMP, NDI, WebRTC, HLS, RTSP, and others. It also provides a full range of features for streaming live and VOD, including ABR streaming, DRM encryption, access control, and more. Cost-effective, high-performance, efficient processing and minimal resource consumption along with flexible pricing options deliver high ROI.



SpherexAI—SpherexAI drastically reduces the time and resources required for video content localization, mitigates the risk of cultural insensitivity or noncompliance, and enables creators to accelerate expansion and reach the right audience faster, cost-effectively, and without brand risk. The platform scans film, TV, or advertising content quickly and affordably, making it the ideal solution for verifying the suitability of any video content for any global market.



Media AI—SymphonyAI media solutions are built on a comprehensive platform optimized for rapid time to value. These AI-powered Revedia solutions rely on integrated Eureka capabilities to optimize revenue through scalable data intelligence in a complex, multi-platform environment. You can maximize revenue and profits with breakthrough AI-powered SaaS solutions that are built to deliver the most valuable insights your data has to offer.



Prism Series—Prism is Teradek’s flagship encoder and decoder line. Refined over four generations, Prism provides secure, ultra-low-latency 4K HDR streaming for video contribution and distribution as well as collaborative decentralized workflows. Products include Prism Mobile for bonded cellular solutions, Prism Flex for compact solutions, and the Prism Rack Unit for scalable solutions.

TVU Networks


TVU One—In the most remote parts of the world, in the most unstable conditions imaginable, TVU One has provided unmatchable reliability to broadcast news, live productions, concerts, and sports via its native 5G transmitter. It delivers 4K HDR quality and sub-second-latency video return, with transmission speeds over 100Mbps, and real-time live-streaming H265 encoding.

Varnish Software


Varnish Streaming ServerVarnish Streaming Server provides ultra-fast streaming experiences, with unbeatable caching and origin protection technology to reduce delay. It also protects infrastructure and scales easily to satisfy huge audiences. Features include 500Gbps extreme performance, 100TB-plus edge storage, and the capacity for more than 100K requests per second.



Vbrick Enterprise Video PlatformThis platform serves as a single, secure, AI-powered solution for streaming, storing, and integrating high-quality live and on-demand video seamlessly into everyday business workflows and applications. The result? A more engaged, empowered,
and informed workforce.



Multistreaming—With Videolinq’s multistreaming, you can stream from different video sources: RTMP encoders, a webcam or virtual meeting, live streams, or one or more prerecorded files in a playlist. You can grow your audience on computers, mobile devices, and OTT services by broadcasting to social media channels, streaming video providers, and content delivery networks. In addition, Videolinq allows you to simplify production workflows and improve delayed time-zone broadcasting by scheduling live-stream distribution at different daily or weekly intervals. You can also monitor concurrent viewers in real time or print historical reports showing channel performance by stream and date.



LiveEdge—LiveEdge is a feature-rich encoder that provides extensible and easy-to-deploy edge computing in a small form-factor device. It is trusted by video engineers, production companies, camera manufacturers, SaaS providers, and sports leagues and loved by CROs, product managers, and CFOs.



Enterprise Video Platform—You can produce and promote virtual events and webinars with Vimeo’s browser-based production studio; share video messages right from your browser with the easy-to-use screen and webcam recorder; make every video your own with the ad-free, fully customizable player; and turn event recordings into evergreen content with advanced video editing, hosting, and management tools. Vimeo lets you boost engagement across the board with TV-quality experiences, custom registration forms with robust marketing integrations, and automated email reminders. You can also maximize team productivity, produce reliable virtual events at any scale, and keep your content secure with Vimeo’s world-class security program, which is verified with an SOC Type 2 report.



Video Monetization PlatformThe VlogBox video monetization platform helps content owners share their work with CTV audiences and carefully oversees all of the processes involved in getting a CTV channel online, including hosting and managing content on the platform, efficient ad monetization, and channel promotion.



WisePlayThis comprehensive and cost-effective playout automation solution supports up to 4K resolution output. It offers an easy way for playout operators to migrate to private or public clouds to minimize CapEx and lets a broadcaster easily schedule playout channels remotely with cloud and browser-based solutions. WisePlay is an ideal solution for legacy playout platforms, as it detects and inserts SCTE-35 markers in live streams. It includes the ability to insert dynamic graphics and information sources directly to live content; supports signal transmission via various protocols, such as SRT, ZIXI, HLS, and NDI; and allows the placement of promos at the beginning and end of default ads with ad bumpers for SCTE markers.

Wowza Media Systems


Streaming EngineThis customizable streaming server software is for video streaming on your own terms. Wowza has integrated AMD’s video transcoding platform featuring the Alveo U30 Media Accelerator Card and the Video SDK into Wowza Streaming Engine software. This platform now provides low-latency and high-density media processing through efficient compression and transcoding.



WurlTake control of your CTV strategy to reach the right audiences. Match ads with the emotion and context of the programming, improving performance at no additional cost. Wurl is a powerful, integrated platform for CTV monetization, marketing, and distribution and the simplest and easiest way to connect publishers, streamers, and advertisers.



XumoXumo has been innovating in streaming technology for a decade. Now, it is building the future of streaming. From its origins in the FAST space to its joint venture with Comcast and Charter, Xumo is set to lead the future of streaming with its full suite of entertainment solutions for businesses and consumers.



Zenlayer Global Accelerator—Dramatically improve your digital experience with Zenlayer Global Accelerator, a network acceleration service built on Zenlayer’s massive global private infrastructure. The end result is fast, secure, reliable connections every time for all of your users globally.



Software-Defined Video PlatformThe Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is a complete market-proven solution for managing high-performance live video delivery at scale. SDVP’s modular architecture manages all facets of a live video platform, such as distribution over IP networks, with traffic and congestion-aware routing, diverse signal path bonding, patented hitless failover technology, and available in-transit processing to deliver unparalleled performance and network efficiency.

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