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What Zixi Does in IP Streaming

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Tim Baldwin: What Zixi's providing is both cloud-based and On-premise. I guess we can call it a software-defined video platform, and what we're enabling is being able to deliver live linear broadcast streams across IPs. So this could be a public internet, it could be fiber, maybe you don't want to spend extra money on your MPLS, or, you know, a lower-quality, lower-insulate fiber. You run Zixi over that, it could be, you know we have, now just last week, who was it, SpaceX put up 400 low-orbit satellites so, you know, before long we're gonna have low-orbit IP networks, you know, swarming around the globe. Which will have packet loss and jitter and other problems.

So where Zixi comes into play is allowing you to either contribute up to your cloud processing or backhaul from point, you know, A to point B, you know, different places on the planet, through these IP networks, instead of the older broadcast workflows where you're always going through video-style satellite, not IP satellite. And then the other piece of this is for our larger customers, being able to orchestrate and manage hundreds or thousands of linear channels.

So, in the early days of Zixi, our software, you could set it up, the UI was kinda geared for maybe managing two or three or 10 channels of content but now what we have is, our customers have maybe 500 or 1000 or 2000 channels, all linear channels, you know, originating with one customer. So the piece there is really giving them access and visibility to all of their channels and you know, you mentioned earlier having lots of channels, and, like, too many channels to even monitor.

And so with all these channels, you know, we're monitoring for things like frozen frames, or the audio disappears, or the audio's clipping, or you have, you know, a black screen or a green screen, so, we're really trying to enable the customers to one, deliver lots of live linear across IP, but two, manage really large bouquets of channels without having to have huge teams with eyes on glass watching, you know, watching everything.

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