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Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Streaming Architecture

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: We asked people about moving to the cloud and--just like people are moving from hardware to software-defined--more and more people are embracing the cloud and virtualizing their video streaming infrastructure. And so we asked what they saw the biggest benefits were for moving to the cloud. Flexibility came in number one, but reliability was a close number two, followed by cost savings, time to market in a virtualized workforce, supporting a virtualized workforce. Tim, did this ranking surprise you? I kind of expected supporting a virtualized workforce to come in a little bit higher based on the new normal that all talking about.

Tim Siglin: Yeah, the only one of these that sort of surprised me was the fact that it's further down the list. Having said that, if we'd asked this question six months ago, it probably wouldn't have even made the top five because there were, I believe 10 choices on this particular question. Ultimately, that, it rose to at least the halfway point is what I do find interesting, and this goes to Gordon's points before about flexibility. If we're talking about interoperability, software-defined infrastructures, flexibility makes sense. Reliability--and we'll come to another slide here in just a minute to talk about the decisioning around reliability--coming up second surprised me because my assumption would have been cost savings would have been sorted to the top. And in fact, we'll find as we go into the next slide, that cost savings actually drops even further down.

Gordon Brooks: I think that that feels right. Everybody's hyper-focused on cost, but it's not the reason you do this, even though you can save money if you do it right. But it is about flexibility and reliability. So I would have thought maybe faster time-to-market might've been third, just because it's such a rapidly changing market. People are having to do things on the fly and there's a lot of talk about doing pop-up channels and things like that. But I think cost is always important. Everybody's looking at it, but I don't think it's the driver.

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