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Zixi provides the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®) that enables reliable broadcast-quality live IP video delivery over any IP network, protocol, cloud provider and edge device. The company offers technologies for broadcasters, enterprises, OTT video providers, sports leagues, service providers, cable operators and Telcos around the world, giving them the lowest TCO in the industry. The Zixi Enabled Network has 1000+ media customers and 400+ OEM and service providers delivering 20,000+ channels daily, 110,000+ deployed instances in over 120 countries, gathering over 9 billion data points a day while delivering over 1M live events a year.


Product Description

An Unparalleled Software-Defined Video Platform to Meet Your Live Streaming Needs
The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®) is the tight integration of multiple components that enable broadcast-quality live video workflows to be intelligently and centrally provisioned, deployed, managed and monitored using software and integrated devices, regardless of the underlying network infrastructure. It is these components of the SDVP (Protocols & Containers, ZEN Master, The Intelligent Data Platform, Zixi Live Transcoding and Zixi Edge Compute) working together that leads to superior video distribution over IP for our customers. Learn more about Zixi's Software-Defined Video Platform here. 

Reliable Broadcast-Quality Delivery of Live Video Over Any IP Network with the Zixi Protocol
Zixi's SDVP accepts over 18 industry protocols and containers, advancing the market leading Zixi protocol while adding additional value to tangential offerings from other vendors, standards, and open sourced initiatives. Most customers rely on the Zixi protocol for transport for its unique features like DTLS and AES encryption for security, dynamic patented FEC techniques, its ability to conduct protected multicast and alleviate encoder back pressure and create 50%+ bandwidth efficiency, 95% less compute while being 14x more port efficient and saving 50% of egress costs.The Zixi protocol can handle up to 45% packet loss and deliver with ultra-low latency as low as 300 ms. Learn more about the Zixi protocol here. 

Complete Visibility Across the Media Supply Chain with ZEN Master
With Zixi's ZEN Master control plane users can cost-effectively manage and monitor complex deployments at scale and configure and orchestrate live broadcast channels across protocols and the Zixi Enabled Network. ZEN Master allows for control of the edge, network, and cloud with full telemetry visualization of network streams. It offers essential monitoring and management tools like workflow visualization, alerting, history, automation, scheduling, reporting, and root cause analysis across complex media supply chains.  Learn more about the ZEN Master control plane.

Join the Zixi Enabled Network
The Zixi Enabled Network provides unprecedented interoperability across more than 400+ partners and OEMs. Learn more about the Zixi Partner Program here. 

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Universal Video Gateway | Remote Management & Operations | Satellite Rationalization | OTT & Digital Supply Chain Processing


Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Learn What Separates the SDVP from the Competition
    Read our backgrounder white paper that explains why Zixi is the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud and any edge device.
  • ZEN Master Control Plane
    ZEN Master is the live video orchestration and telemetry control plane that enables Zixi users to manage large-scale configuration and monitoring of the Zixi Enabled Network, Zixi's live streaming platform, devices and appliances. With ZEN Master video management software, media organizations can extend their reach, increase production speed and dramatically reduce operational costs.
  • Zixi Protocol
    Learn what makes low latency delivery with Zixi's protocol unique.
  • Case Study: Delivering Live 4K OTT Workflows
    Learn how the SDVP allows a popular OTT provider to leverage a single platform for source acquisition of live linear content across fiber and satellite networks, and then normalize content for distribution to digital delivery targets.
  • Low Latency Delivery for ESports
    EA Sports leverages Zixi for low latency, high quality transport for the 2021 NFL ProBowl Gaming Experience.

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