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MediaPlatform lets Global 2000 companies craft premium live streaming business broadcasts that they use to engage their hybrid workforces, attract and captivate virtual event and meeting audiences, and measure and understand each viewer's experience.  MediaPlatform gives video professionals unparalleled flexibility to brand business broadcasts into dynamic experiences, resizing and adding video, image, text and third-party website widgets, as well as interactive elements like QA, surveys, polls and sentiment voting icons - to create highly unique and customizable experiences that reflect their corporate brand and culture. MediaPlatform was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management.

Product Description

MediaPlatform’s end-to-end enterprise video platform lets organizations webcast, capture, stream, transcode, host, deliver and govern all live and on-demand video assets within a single, centrally managed platform that’s purpose-built with the scale and security requirements for enterprise environments.  Core elements include live webcasting, enterprise video content management, technology-agnostic video delivery and industry-leading video intellienge and analytics.

MediaPlatform® Broadcaster

MediaPlatform® Broadcaster was built exclusvely for the unique requirements of business broadcasting. Businesses, not unlike their media counterparts, make significant investments in live broadcasts with a specific ROI in mind: to deliver credible, premium content that captivates and inspires employees, partners and prospects. Broadcaster’s new content creation capabilities let companies take live webcasts to new levels, enabling producers to build nearly unlimited webcast templates that they can use to switch – during events – between video, images and interactive elements. The result is an endless variety of dynamic experiences that event producers can use to keep viewers on the edge of their screens.

MediaPlatform® Autocaster

MediaPlatform® Autocaster is an automated webcasting platform that allows enterprise video production teams to schedule and monitor autoplay events (or ‘autocasts’) that have been preproduced and scheduled to run in advance without requiring producers or engaging control studio equipment. ‘Autocasts’ can include real-time audience engagement tools to collect and reflect feedback from each group of live viewers and capture per-event analytics including attendance and viewing characteristics. MediaPlatform Autocaster® enables enterprises to pre-produce all aspects of webcasts to reduce talent and resource bottlenecks, to reduce live event points of failure and to engage additional audiences by repurposing recorded video as the centerpiece of a dynamic live audience experience.

MediaPlatform® On Demand

MediaPlatform® On Demand gives organizations a ‘corporate YouTube’ experience that lets them easily and efficiently use
streaming media to improve corporate communications, enhance training and enable collaboration. On Demand is an intuitive,
channel-based online video portal where employees can view, capture, search, manage, rate, and share streaming videos from
anywhere via their desktop, tablet or smartphone. It lets companies make all their video assets discoverable and shareable via a secure, searchable portal.

MediaPlatform® Smartpath

MediaPlatform® Smartpath is a network-agnostic, overlay routing technology that ensures that viewers receive the best possible quality live video stream across a multitude of corporate network technologies. Smartpath is used by Global 2000 companies to optimize their existing networks for video delivery. Smartpath provides a rules-based engine that defines the optimal streaming format, bit-rate and transport protocol for each corporate network site and defines how to manage failover and redundancy. Recognizing that most large webcasting customers have disparate networks, Smartpath uniquely integrates with a wide range of network technologies – from its own MediaPlatform Edge eCDN to peering and public CDNs – and supports a wide range of streaming options – from multicast to mobile.

MediaPlatform® Video Business Intelligence

MediaPlatform® Video Business Intelligence (VBI) provides real-time live webcast monitoring and post-event network analysis that give webcast stakeholders measurable and quantifiable metrics that prove that end viewers received a quality video experience and that video was effectively delivered across the corporate network as intended. VBI gives technical teams the ability to monitor and troubleshoot live event issues in real time, rather than relying on support calls or anecdotal feedback. Post-event, Network and IT teams use its massive data collection capabilities to fine-tune Smartpath delivery rules, and to identify and shore up network weak spots prior to future webcasts.

MediaPlatform® Event Success Dashboard

MediaPlatform® Event Success Dashboard provides next-level analytics that enable organizations to clearly understand how their CEO Town Halls or company-wide business broadcasts are performing technically, as well as how their audiences are reacting to the information that’s being presented. With an improved audience experience that includes sentiment tracking and a highly intuitive administrative dashboard, the Event Success Dashboard displays: how live streams are being delivered to users across internal networks; timeline-based dynamic
sentiment scoring they can use to gauge messaging effectiveness and give to presenters during events; quality of service roll-up scores for quick event technical grading, and much more. lets event organizers see audience sentiment and webcast performance in real time via intuitive displays.

MediaPlatform® Edge

MediaPlatform® Edge helps organizations to optimize their existing corporate network infrastructure and available bandwidth for live and on-demand video.  Edge is a software or appliance-based solution for delivering live video and caching video ondemand that creates a pervasive video distribution solution – or enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) – across the enterprise. Edge is part of MediaPlatform’s flexible, network-agnostic distribution approach which enables enterprises to leverage existing infrastructure, in addition to offering software-based solutions in combination with media server technologies, to address any kind of network reality and at the lowest possible cost for both live and on demand video.

MediaPlatform® Bridge

MediaPlatform® Bridge lets companies use their video confernecing technologies as a source for live webcasts. Bridge is an intuitive, cloud-based solution that lets admins enhance live events by allowing remote presenters to join webcasts using mainstream video conferencing tools. Bridge converts video from any SIP-based video conferencing endpoint or bridge, including those from leading providers such as Cisco, Polycom, Zoom and Pexip, into a premium source for live webcasts. Bridge lets webcast admins increase interest and registration for live events by making it exceptionally convenient for coveted speakers - such as industry analysts, bellwether customers and technology gurus - to join from their home offices, rather than travel to studios or take on complex camera/encoder set ups.

MediaPlatform® Microsoft eCDN Practice

As the world’s largest reseller of the Peer5 WebRTC technology that is now Microsoft’s eCDN, MediaPlatform possesses unparalleled expertise in the optimal deployment of Microsoft’s new eCDN offering within the rarified terrain of Global 2000 enterprise networks.  MediaPlatform works as a trusted partner to ensure that each company-wide deployment of the Microsoft eCDN solution is done correctly out of the gate, and is operating at peak efficiency throughout the enterprise's project lifecycle.





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