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Enterprise Video Usage Report Launches

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Today marks the launch of Streaming Media’s second annual Enterprise Video survey report, highlighting trends in video usage for hybrid and remote work as well as in-person and virtual professional development events.

Teaming up with Help Me Stream Research Foundation, StreamingMedia.com asked professionals in the streaming industry to tell us how they work, where they work, and how their enterprises have handled the partial return to in-person work.

Along the way, our survey audience reported a markedly lower number of in-person events, compared to online virtual events, across 2022.

“While in-person events are certainly higher than our 2021 survey,” said Tim Siglin, Founding Executive Director of Help Me Stream Research Foundation, “rising virtual event attendance has increased even more, and it’s clear that hybrid events are here to stay.”

When participants were asked to tell us about their likes and frustrations with virtual events, it became very clear that both foresight and innovation to bring hybrid events up to par with fully virtual or fully in-person events.

Tolerance for sub-standard online events has eroded significantly in the 2022 survey.

While respondents are pleased overall with the value of online events, respondents rating their most important online event as “a waste of time” grew almost fivefold.

On the enterprise video platform side of the equation, a few companies stood out, such as Brightcove, Sonic Foundry (Mediasite), and MediaPlatform. Yet many enterprise users also consider YouTube and Facebook Live to be a part of their overall video consumption strategy.

When it comes to video players geared towards online enterprise video, respondents indicated that many players lack functions that respondents want, including the ability to perform agenda- or topic-based navigation or rapidly catch up on the first few minutes of a live ongoing meeting for which a respondent may have missed the beginning.

That being said, one of the reasons for this disconnect may arise from the fact that enterprise video has traditionally only been consumed on laptops and desktops, with just a small amount of content consumption on smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices.

The shift in the 2022 Enterprise Video survey towards more of those devices—hence a more fragmented delivery model—means that enterprise video players will need to expand beyond the desktop and browser to accompany apps on smart devices, gaming consoles and even connected TVs.

The original 2021 report can be downloaded here, while the new 2022 report is available to download here.

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