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Cisco: Why Employees Get Lost in the Woods with Enterprise Video

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It's a question many enterprises have been grappling with: Is creating an in-house employee-generated video system worth the potential risks? At the recent Streaming Media West conference in Huntington Beach, California, Sourabh Kothari, senior manager for rich media marketing at Cisco, said that employees naturally gravitate to video.

"What we're finding statistically—this is one way to look at it—the Play button on videos is the most successful call to action in the world," Kothari said. "There's better conversion of people clicking Play than doing anything else on the web. It's just natural human curiosity. What is behind that Play button, as opposed to what's behind that click or an image? That's how you get people started: Video is just something people want to play."

Getting employees to view videos isn't the issue; managing that time is.

"The problem is that it's also equally addictive as a medium," Kothari explained. "Once you start doing video it's very, very difficult to stop. That as an issue is that if you do not manage this, if you do not manage employee-generated video, if you don't provide policy governance, a platform for lack of a better word, then it's like dealing with hundreds of people who want to get through the woods: You can either build a road so you know where they all are or you can spend your time doing search-and-rescue."

For more on employee-generated video, watch the full discussion below.


The Risks and Rewards of Employee-Generated Video

Phone cameras and YouTube have propelled user-generated video into world headlines, but is user-generated video making inroads into the enterprise? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Hear from businesses that have made the decision to deploy a secure video sharing and publishing platform inside their enterprises. Attendees learn what measurable benefits these programs had, how the benefits outweighed the risks, and any unintended consequences that have to be overcome. Learn what questions you should ask when deciding whether to build or buy an internal video-sharing platform as well as some of the best practices for using one.

Moderator: David Boyll, Director, Media Technology Solutions, - Oracle
Sourabh Kothari, Senior Manager, Rich Media Marketing - Cisco
Scott Salik, Founder - Carpe Canum Media
Brent Davis, Manager, Enterprise Communication and Collaboration - General Mills
Darlene Hoyer, VP, Regional Sales - MediaPlatform

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