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Lockheed Martin Shares Enterprise Video Platform Best Practices

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Streaming Media conferences are useful places to hear lessons from industry trailblazers, and at the recent West Coast conference attendees heard tips from Lockheed Martin on building and implementing an enterprise video platform. Does Lockheed's system need to limit live video access, the moderator asked Eric Hards, manager for digital media and streaming at Lockheed Martin.

"I'm more worried about the on-demand content than I am the live content," Hards answered. That's primarily because -- as I think everyone in the room knows -- your numbers in the on-demand are much higher than the live. You're correct in not only do we use telcos for our delivery -- we don't have our own wireless for our mobile devices -- so we have delivery out as a unicast for our externals, but those same devices when they're internal to the buildings within Lockheed Martin also share the same wireless bandwidth as anyone else who's wireless."

One question for anyone planning an enterprise video platform is what impact mobile devices will have on the network. Not enough people are addressing it, Hards believes.

"I've kind of been waving my hands saying, Does anyone think that we're going to be taking up more bandwidth once these devices are out there on video, and, oh, by the way, you're going to be using the shared bandwidth that our wireless network already uses for all of our wireless devices on these mobile devices? I think there's a good conversation happening about that, but I haven't seen anyone come and say, Well yeah, we need more bandwidth yet," Hards said.

For more enterprise video platform planning tips, watch the full discussion below.


Best Practices for Building an Enterprise Video Platform

Learn the best practices for implementing an enterprise video platform from those who have done it. Hear from organizations that have evaluated, identified, and now manage their own EVPs. Attend this session to understand what considerations and use cases require an EVP and how and why these organizations chose this approach across their user base.

Moderator: Tim Siglin, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media Magazine
Speaker: Tom Wilde, CEO, RAMP
: Travis Petershagen, Team Manager, Digital Media Services Team Production Studios, Microsoft
Speaker: Eric Hards, Manager, Digital Media and Streaming, Lockheed Martin
Speaker: Denis Khoo, CTO, Mediaplatform

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