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EZDRM - View From The Top 2017

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What’s hot in OTT? The HDR and codec standards battles, skinny bundles, and the next video move by Apple / Amazon / Facebook / (fill in your favorite). Here at EZDRM, we would love it, if you were as passionate about Digital Rights Management (DRM) trends and technology as we are. But let’s face it, Digital Right Management (DRM) is not one of OTT’s hot topics. Most people simply don’t want to think about DRM much – the same way we don’t think about air or water – until we don’t have it. Then, of course, it becomes crucial to survival.

At EZDRM, we think about how to leverage industry standards across your infrastructure – your encoders, your players – so that we can keep our solutions simple, and you can avoid vendor lock-in. We think about how to provide solutions that support all your viewer’s devices, players and browsers, regardless of OS, network type, or whether online or offline. We consider how to best handle multi-DRM (Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay) in mixed DASH/HLS stream format environment with minimal infrastructure – either managed on-premise or in the cloud. And we stay tuned to the latest industry developments that will impact DRM technologies, so that our customers’ DRM solution can evolve with their network and content requirements.

While we hope that our customers recognize that what we do is not easy - we all want to be appreciated – the “EZ” in our name is all about making DRM simple and seamless for our customers. We recognize that if we are doing our job right, they are not thinking about DRM. They don’t have to, because we do. And that is ALL we do.

Our “try before you buy” policy allows you to experience our DRM solution simplicity – firsthand. If you’d rather think about monetizing your content, and not your DRM solution, visit www.ezdrm.com, or email us at simplify@ezdrm.com.

-Olga Kornienko, COO/Co-Founder - EZDRM

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