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  • 6 rue Dewoitine
  • Vélizy-Villacoublay France 78140
  • France
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ATEME helps content and service providers captivate their audiences with a superior quality of experience.

ATEME’s multi-codec encoding, any-format origin/packaging, scalable cloud DVR, audience-aware CDN and revenue-generating dynamic ad insertion solutions enable hundreds of the world’s leading companies in the media industry to deliver high-quality content to billions of viewers on any screen.

ATEME has repeatedly innovated in fields ranging from visual quality to smart caching and analytics. Its multiple-award-winning R&D teams ensure that ATEME remains a future-proof partner through active participation in forums and associations including DVB, SMPTE, ATSC, AOM, MPEG Streaming Video Alliance, CMAF-IF and 3GPP. 

Product Description

Contribution encoders, distribution encoders,  transcoders, integrated receiver decoders, multiplexers, network management, multi-screen transcoding, video head-end, origin servers, packagers, cloud DVR solution, storage solution, CDN solution, DAI solution

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Software-based live video compression for distribution
    When migrating from IPTV to OTT, you can enhance the quality of the viewing experience while reducing operational costs. How? With Titan Live: real-time transcoders that are 100% software based and run on COTS servers. Their pristine video quality enables significant infrastructure savings; their video quality and advanced features set mean you deliver an unmatched viewing experience.
  • Video transcoding software - High video quality
    Encode files (such as VOD files or ad assets) faster and better with the format-agnostic Titan File. Titan File optimizes the transcoding speed by cutting the input sources into segments to be transcoded in parallel. Based on a microservices architecture, it ensures a robust, flexible and scalable service.
  • Cloud DVR Solution
    Offer your viewers the possibility of unlimited recording on every screen, with NEA-DVR®. NEA-DVR enables you to offer the possibility of unlimited recording to your viewers, on every screen. There’s no need to purchase a physical box, and delivery and repair costs become a thing of the past. You can increase customer satisfaction and ARPU, while reducing your operational costs. You can do this through our Infinite Buffer, which streamlines asset and storage management. We only keep content that viewers have recorded, so you optimize storage and gain up to four times more capacity. NEA-DVR comes with a hyper-convergent storage system called EDS. The CSI award-winning EDS simplifies the integration between streaming and storage by embedding storage on origin servers, which halves the number of physical rack units needed. EDS can be part of NEA-DVR, or if you prefer to work with an external NAS, that is possible too.
  • Video CDN
    Build your own CDN to deliver low-latency and broadcast-quality content, even during high viewing periods, with NEA-CDN®, ATEME's CDN solution. NEA-CDN® enables you to build a CDN that reduces costs while scaling for peak viewing. It also enhances content delivery performance and optimizes network usage by up to 30%, saving you money. NEA-CDN can also run on an elastic Cloud infrastructure that can match any viewing demand by temporarily scaling up during peak events. With NEA-CDN, you deliver low latency, broadcast-quality content – cost-efficiently – and even during the highest peak periods. And you give your viewers a consistent Quality of Experience.
  • Unified Network Management System
    Control and manage both ATEME products and over 4,000 third-party products with ATEME's unified network management system.