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Media Excel

Media Excel
  • 8834 N. Capital of TX Hwy
  • Ste 230
  • Austin TX 78759
  • USA
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Media Excel has introduced a cutting-edge video delivery standard for multiple screens across head-end, cloud, and edge distribution networks. The company has launched its latest product line, the HERO 6000, which boasts a powerful software-based Live and VoD encoding/transcoding solution. In addition, the HERO 6000 includes hardware acceleration for even faster speed and higher quality. The new HERO product line natively supports all adaptive delivery technologies, including Low Latency CMAF, synchronized outputs from multiple camera inputs, and ad-insertion workflows. HERO also enables real-time HEVC compression up to UHD/4K60p and 8K with HDR for on-premise, virtual, and cloud architectures.

The HERO product line is trusted by leading media companies worldwide, such as AT&T, Verizon, Telus, RTL, Orange, NFL, NBA, MTV, IMG, VevoTV, Korea-Telecom, Level3, LG, Arqiva, Encompass, Akamai, QVC, and many more.

Product Description

HERO 4K: UHD HEVC Encoder/Transcoder
Media Excel’s HERO 4K Encoder platform is ideal for high-end live and file workflows for contribution and distribution. Offering pristine quality and proven reliability, the HERO 4K Encoder is the perfect solution for content gathering and head-end processing, with performance that delivers exceptional quality video up to UHD/4K60p in HEVC/AVC with HDR.

HERO 4K UHD HEVC Decoder presents the next level of video experiences for customers of premium broadcast, cable, satellite and OTT/TVE services and provides superior 4K HDR-enabled video quality and 60fps motion fluency. HERO 4K Decoder enables production-ready highly-available 4K HEVC workflows and is standards-compliant and field-proven with bitrates up to 120mbps.

HERO LIVE/FILE: Multi-Screen Encoding/Transcoding
The HERO Live and File series is based on Media Excel’s HERO multi-screen transcoding software solution. The software processes video on standard x86 servers and can be easily setup as a highly reliable live encoder/transcoder or as a powerful off-line transcoder. HERO fully supports HEVC/H.265 encoding for both Live and VoD, as well as eMBMS/LTE-B/ATSC- 3 workflows. HERO is currently the only encoder fully qualified with Akamai for CMAF ultra low latency workflows.

HERO CLOUD: Cloud-based Multi-Screen Encoding/Transcoding
With HERO CLOUD, HERO software runs as a virtual machine for cloud transcoding services. Several commercial (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, IBM, Atos, NTT, Fujitsu etc) and private (VMWare, KVM, Docker, etc) cloud providers are supported. HERO Cloud also supports HEVC/H.265 encoding for both Live and VoD up to 4K/UHD resolutions. HERO is currently the only encoder fully qualified with Akamai for CMAF ultra low latency workflows.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Media Excel Product Portfolio
    Media Excel’s HERO product line has the solution for all your video encoding and transcoding needs
  • WHITE PAPER: Turnkey vs. Virtual vs. Cloud form factors for multiscreen encoding
    This white paper introduces a framework to guide the stakeholders in identifying the most appropriate encoding/transcoding form factor for their particular operations. A multitude of dimensions are presented and analyzed here—each operator expected to weigh each dimension based on its own priorities and decide accordingly.
    Media Excel’s HERO Event Encoder (HERO EE) is a low-latency, multi-channel, multi-format, multi-screen remote on-location encoding solution for broadcast of all your most important events, regardless of the venue. Production-ready Ultra Low Latency OTT encoding at 3.5 seconds end-to-end based on CMAF DASH (Akamai certified encoder). Adaptive video publishing for social media, sports, concerts and CDNs.

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