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Catherine Bacon

Staff Writer

Catherine Bacon was formerly an Assistant Editor for, a daily news and information source for Internet professionals. After graduating from Boston University with a BA in Literature, she traveled to London on a student work visa. Tired of the rain and fog she moved to San Francisco.

Articles for Catherine Bacon

Hollywood Weaves a Marketing Web

Studios have fully adopted streaming movie trailers as a valid marketing tool, and now the cutting-edge players are going beyond to create entire interactive experiences on the Web. We take a look at a few of the latest trailers to hit the computer screen.

Sites to See: The Art of the Message

We take a tour of some "dot-org" sites and learn that just because they have “dot-org” in their names doesn’t mean arts-and-culture and public interest sites can’t have a little fun.

Be Here Makes its Small Screen Debut with the NBA

NBC Sports to use 360-degree video in television broadcast.

DiMA Looks to the Courts

The increasingly complicated Web of legal entanglements gained yet another strand on Friday.

On2 Showcases Full-length Film Encoded in VP4

Company attempting to demonstrates viability for Video on Demand.

Loudeye Gets Fifth Major Music Label on Board

Washington gets ready to hear more debate on digital music.

AtomShockwave Announces Paid Gaming Initiative

Company releases downloadable versions of popular online games for a price. and MeasureCast Partner

MeasureCast weekly reports indicate Internet radio audience still growing.

Digital Island Announces Cutbacks

Second quarter results bring a 22 percent reduction in workforce.

Excite@Home Layoffs

Company to let go 13 percent of its staff.

WorldStream Gets New Enterprise Clients

New study shows one in four large businesses use streaming media.

Improved Learning: Dump the Lectures

For all of the professors getting giddy over of the possibilities of streaming lectures, as well as for those getting nervous about losing control of their intellectual property rights, Roger Schank, PhD, has some sobering words.

NBA to Stream Live Games in South Korea

Sportlive signs deal to offer streaming video coverage to subscribers.

Webcaster and RIAA Battle over Compulsory Fee

Both parties have submitted proposals to the U.S. Copyright Office.

Loudeye Reduces Staff by 45 Percent

Second round of layoffs follow recent acquisitions.

Searchable Streaming Video on

Virage teams up to bring the Stanley Cup Playoffs to the Web.

Live Video Coverage of NBA Game

RealNetworks to stream the Mavericks and the Kings on Friday.

WildTangent Secures $34M

Company sees funding as sign of confidence in tough times.

Emusic to be Acquired

Companies decline to confirm rumor that Universal Music Group is the intended buyer.

Yahoo! to Market Duet

The digital music space is buzzing with yet another big name announcement.

MSN Music in Beta Release

Microsoft says "me too" with streaming music service.

Intel installs RealPlayer in New Web Appliance

RealNetworks expands streaming media beyond the PC with Intel's DotStation.

The WB Gets a Gizmo

The TV network signs on with marketing company Gizmoz for viral campaign.

RealNetworks Unveils Music Subscription Deal

MusicNet, the new online subscription service from RealNetworks, has the backing of three of the Big 5 record labels.

IUMA Revived by Vitaminic

European company brings the long-running music site back from the dead.

Into Networks, Enron and Partner

Retail site to offer digital rental of PC games.

Digital Download Projected in Theatre

First IP delivered digital movie to play on the big screen.

Liquid Audio Signs up Hard Rock and Handleman

Announces two new clients for its digital distribution services

Wide World of Web Sports: A Waiting Game

Streamed sports content seems ripe for success, but those hoping to experience the thrill of victory — either as fans or as companies gunning for a reliable revenue source — may just have to wait.

Study Defines Asian Online Gaming Market

Korea leads the way in online gaming adoption.

March Madness and Brazilian Streaming

Yahoo! streams audio for college basketball tournament games, and Sportsya adds streaming to sports portal. to Air Second Season of Chi-Chian

Creator takes a unique approach to Web animation.

Content Prophets: Addictive Advertisements

Brands are not only becoming backdrops in online games — entire games are being built around advertisements. The result is a compelling, interactive venue that can be a big draw for advertisers. Drops the Dot-Com

Company renames itself to emphasize offline strategies.

Voquette and iBeam Partner

Companies offer complete audio solution for businesses.

Video on Demand Market Heats Up

MeTV launches pay-per-view, CinemaNow launches subscription, and goes B2B.

Study: Ad Agencies Recommend Streaming Advertising

Research indicates that advertising agencies have faith in streaming media ads.

Japanese Gamers Get Connected

Alliances to connect cell phones, home consoles and arcade consoles in Japan.

Retail Web Sites Add Streaming and enhance consumer Web sites with streaming audio.

EMI and Virtue Broadcasting Sign Strategic Agreement

U.K. company to generate Web programming for EMI.

Online War Game to Promote TV Special

TBS Superstation turns to WildTangent to create online enhancement for reality combat show.

360 Degrees of NASCAR

Be Here to bring fans inside the pits at the NASCAR Daytona 500.

EU Parliament Rules on Digital Copyright

EU brings copyright law in to the digital age.

Soccer Streams to U.S. and eMedia to stream soccer matches to U.S. niche market.

Microsoft Appeal to be Streamed

Streaming audio coverage planned to satisfy public interest.

ParaMax360 Debuts in Beta

New 360-degree video solution from RemoteReality.

MeTV Launches Services Division

Company still moving forward with consumer launch next week.

The Day the Music Died

IUMA ceases all operations

RealNetworks Gets into the Internet Appliance Arena

New digital media appliance company to incorporate RealPlayer 8

iClips to Stream Evian Ads

The deal marks the beginning of new ad revenue for iClips.

Say Ciao to Streaming Software

Into Networks expands its services into Italy with FastWeb.

Intertainer Adds WMG Videos

Warner Music Group videos available on-demand from Intertainer.

Audible to be Mac Compatible

Mac users will soon have access to audio books too.

IFilm Secures $10 Million in Funding

Company able to continue operations on path to profitability.

SeeItFirst Gets Global Partner

Groovy Gecko to Market SeeItFirst Solutions to Europe.

RealPlayer Goldpass to Feature NBA Action

Agreement between NBA and RealNetworks brings more streaming sports content to subscription service.

NAB Sues U.S. Copyright Office over Webcasting Ruling

Broadcasters look to reinstate their exemption from compulsory fee for webcasters.

Content Companies Continue Cuts

More employees laid off from online entertainment companies this week.

Streaming Sports Take a Step Forward

NHL to test new technologies on All-Star Weekend; Virage to bring searchable highlights to MLB.

Juno Online Services Looks to Streaming Software

Company signs marketing agreement with Into Networks to beef up their broadband offering.

Streaming Media Players on 99 Percent of Home PCs

RealNetworks on top in Media Metrix study.

New Broadband News Site

MSNBC launches a new destination for news video consumption.

Good News for Streaming Servers

In-Stat Group predicts doubling of server sales in coming years.

Alwaysi to Launch Subscription Service

Company to offer monthly rate for online viewing of independent films.

Non-Profit Media Join Forces

PBS and NPR to collaborate on-air and online.

NBCi to Offer iClips Services

NBCi members now have access to streaming video tools.

Streaming Media Corp to Use Inktomi Software

Inktomi Media Products to be used across North American Media Delivery Network Layoffs

Company cuts 25 percent of staff.

MeasureCast Releases First Monthly Internet Radio Analysis

Survey says Talk Radio is last month's top pick.

ActiveSky Receives $21 Million in Funding

Company developing format and server for wireless streaming. to Buy Radio Assets from to focus on streaming video initiatives.

Even More Legal Woes for files a copyright infringement complaint against the service.

CenterSpan Purchases Scour's assets

Company makes winning bid over Liquid Audio and

eMotion and MediaSite Announce Partnership

Companies to offer integrated software and managment solution.

Internet Streaming Media Alliance Formed

Apple, Cisco, Kassena and others have joined together to specifically define a standards-based streaming solution.

Enterprise Encoding Solutions

Anystream to bring encoding to the edge of the Internet.

Emusic, Harry Fox Agency Agree On Mechanical Royalty

Emusic to add streaming to subscription service and agrees on mechanical fee rate.

U.S. Copyright Office Says Webcasters Must Pay

U.S. Copyright Office rules that radio broadcasters streaming online are not exempt from the compulsory fee required of webcasters in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Rates for fee still to be determined.

Liquid Audio Bids on Scour

Winning bid will be chosen on December 12th.

MeasureCast Releases Weekly Ratings of Internet Radio

Company also deploys technology on GMV Networks servers.

Federal Court Says Using Copyrighted Technology

Court denies injunction, but finds, a licensee of's technology. Back Online

Controversial service comes clean with legally licensed content both for free and for fee.

Cidera Raises $75 million in Funding

Edge delivery network closes successful round of funding and pulls request for IPO.

Survey Says Windows Media Player More Appealing to New Users

Microsoft releases MP3 converter and other tools in bonus pack.

Streaming Rights for Olympic Coverage Discussed

New media companies seek rights for streaming coverage in future Olympics. Improves Narrowband Streaming

Company claims new compression technology offers TV-like viewing experience.

Military Intelligence Makes Use of Streaming Technologies

Virage selected by government for video data management project.

Hearing Held on the Intricacies of Digital Copyright Laws

The U.S. Copyright Office hears arguments on behalf of digital media companies and copyright holders.

SoundExchange Launched

RIAA forms collection agency for performance royalties.

Excite@Home Partners to Bring Software on Demand Services to Users

Into Networks and Media Station offer subscription-based access to CD-ROM titles for @Home subscribers. Acquires Online Rights to Hellraiser

Entertainment site has Hellraiser-branded online game in the works.

Live Madonna Webcast

MSN chooses NaviSite to deliver high profile webcast.

Cidera and DigiPlex Partner

Cidera to provide satellite-based delivery for new Pan-European co-location facilities.

A Streaming Thanksgiving staff writers Ellie Kieskowski and Catherine Bacon offer a tale of streaming – with a host of interesting, informative and just plain fun links to holiday streaming content. Follow this fictional guide to Thanksgiving streaming, and have a great holiday!

Emusic Takes on Napster Users

The company deployed a technology to identify all Emusic files being shared on Napster.

UMG Launches Broadband Music Trivia Game

Yahoo! launches ShoppingVision

Yahoo! combines streaming video with simultaneous e-commerce opportunities.

cMeRun to Stream Games

The consumer focused ASP announces expanded services to include CD-ROM game titles.

BMG to Stream Music Videos

BMG partners with Akamai and Virage for streaming delivery.

Media 100 Streams UN Event

New streaming services from Media 100 gains global exposure. to Pay $53.4 million to UMG

Legal battles with Universal Music Group over for

Launchcast Now Supports RealPlayer

Personalized music service expands audience to RealPlayer and Macintosh users.

Behind the Words at

Online bookstore launches a series of streaming video interviews with authors.

DotComix Suspends Operations

The San Francisco-based animation studio lays off most of its staff and looks for a buyer.

New Streaming Server Debuts at Comdex

Vingage releases Vingage Video Server 4.0 and DVD Fulfillment Server 3.0.

Vizzavi Portal to Include Co-Branded NetRadio Player

New European multi-access Internet portal to include streaming audio.

Yahoo! Streaming Directory

Yahoo! Movie Online Shorts directory lists shorts by featured content providers.

Echo Networks Receives $5 Million in Funding

New services for streaming audio with a little help from your friends.

Educational Animation Clears Up Electoral College Confusion

The Electoral College explained, so even an adult can understand. Takes a Turn Towards B2B

Listen Radio launches as first step in new syndication focus.

CinemaNow Annouces Pay-Per-View Movie Service

Teams with Microsoft and iBEAM to bring streaming pay-per-view movies for $2.99.

GetMusic on AOL

Content agreement to feature on AOL Music Channel.

Alwaysi Sells Six Films to the Sundance Channel

Online community doubles as producer's rep for independent filmmakers.

Who is Streaming and When?

Two studies attempt to pinpoint the streaming audience.

Sonic Foundry Announces Compression Codec

Perfect Clarity Audio is a new proprietary audio compression codec for digital storage.

Digital HipHop to Produce Animated 3D Videos

Studio to produce interactive music videos for Island Def Jam Music Group artists. Closes Successful Financing Round

Irish tech company receives E40 million to build European streaming network.

RealNetworks Announces Results of Streaming Ad Campaign

High click-through and conversion rates show promising future for streaming ads.

Avid ePublisher Now Shipping

New software combines traditional video editing with easy web publishing features.

Animation Showdown on AtomFilms

Site features animated shorts designed to bring in fresh content

Reliacast Secures $35 Million in Private Funding

Second round for Internet infrastructure company.