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The WB Gets a Gizmo

Gizmoz (www.gizmoz.com), the developer of a rich media messaging platform, and The WB Television Network, launched The WB Insider Gizmo.

A Gizmo, developed by Gizmoz, is capable of delivering streaming audio and video, 2D and 3D animation, and additionally, can be saved on a user's desktop, e-mailed to other users, or added to a personal Web site. A Gizmo will also allow virtual instant messaging to occur between businesses and their consumers.

A similar device dubbed the BuzzBox was introduced last week by creator JackStreet.com.

These applications make use of streaming media to create compelling content and hope to take full advantage of the viral nature of the Web by allowing the whole thing to be e-mailed to others.

The WB Insider Gizmo will feature news and information that will be updated every day and will only be available within The WB Insider Gizmo. Additionally to promote its adoption, The WB Insider Gizmo will feature daily sweepstakes with a wide variety of prizes including electronics, fashion and accessory items, CDs, home videos and items autographed by The WB's stars.

"Gizmoz are an incredibly exciting new technology," said Nancie S. Martin, senior vice president, New Media at The WB, in a statement. "We believe Gizmoz's viral capabilities and continual outreach are powerful ways to reach our core audience of teens and young adults, who are quick to adopt new concepts."

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