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Nanocosmos: Executive Predictions 2019

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Interactive Live Streaming with Ultra-low latency (ULL) is gaining a lot of traction. 

A lot of new business cases are coming up going beyond standard broadcast: Trivia Game Shows, iGaming, Live Auctions, Betting, Webcasts, Security, Online Shopping and eSports, all uses cases where interactivity between the broadcaster and audience is key. Businesses worldwide rely on innovative end-to-end technology and global cloud services to create their own interactive live streaming use cases. These kinds of business verticals go beyond standard broadcast scenarios and need to rely on ease of use and instant live streaming with a global scale, all based on a great user experience and quality of service.

“Interaction” and “audience engagement” are definitely user concepts that will be mainstream for live streaming in 2019. With the vast diversity of technology available, the need for cross-platform and plugin-free browser based solutions is key for many businesses to accelerate market introduction.

nanoStream Cloud with its low latency CDN and unique H5Live Player has been created to fulfill all these needs and is in full production for years with key market players for use cases where every second counts. 

Interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency on any device and HTML5 browser is possible now, including Safari on iOS. By adding nanoStream WebRTC.live as a live encoder, you can build a plugin-free end-to-end use case. 

Go live with your business around the world in 1 second! 


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