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Intertrust provides the world's leading digital rights management (DRM) cloud service with a complete ecosystem of security and rights management products. We empower businesses to securely manage all of their data and devices—enabling innovative multi-party apps and services.

Intertrust Media Solutions is a one-stop shop for media and entertainment content protection and anti-piracy services. The cloud-based ExpressPlay Media Security Suite enables multi-DRM content delivery for OTT streaming, broadcast TV, and hybrid broadcast-OTT services, as well as transportation and hospitality use cases, while complemented by state-of-the-art anti-piracy and forensic watermarking services.

Product Description

ExpressPlay Media Security Suite - World's premier cloud-based content protection service

ExpressPlay Media Security Suite is a cloud-based monetization service for content owners and distributors of live and VOD services. It includes all components required to meet stringent content licensing security requirements:

  • ExpressPlay DRM: Cloud-based multi-DRM service
  • ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking: Anti-Piracy services with content fingerprinting, web monitoring, and legal enforcement
  • ExpressPlay XCA: Converged security for broadcast TV based on Marlin DRM
  • ExpressPlay DRM Offline: Secure download and offline playback

ExpressPlay DRM – Cloud-based Multi-DRM Service

ExpressPlay DRM is an integrated and cloud-based multi-DRM service that supports all major DRMs with scalability proven in the world’s largest OTT streaming services globally. This cloud-based multi-DRM service enables content owners and OTT streamers to protect and monetize live and on-demand UHD 4K content by supporting common DRMs, streaming formats and client devices.

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy – Forensic Watermarking, Web Monitoring and Piracy Take-down Support

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking service incorporates content protection that features web piracy monitoring and legal enforcement for linear, live, and VOD content. The approach combines online piracy monitoring using fingerprinting with a watermarking technology that supports fast extraction of payloads in illegally redistributed content. ExpressPlay Watermarking enables a holistic live and on-demand content protection that allows watermarking-related applications to be managed together with ExpressPlay multi-DRM service. ExpressPlay Watermarking fulfills the requirements of MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) specification.

ExpressPlay XCA – Converged security for broadcast TV based on Marlin DRM

ExpressPlay XCA is a cloud-based and unique broadcast security solution, based on studio trusted and open-standard Marlin DRM. ExpressPlay XCA enables pay-TV operators and broadcasters to deliver premium/UHD content directly to smart TVs without set-top boxes, reducing TCO. The converged broadcast-OTT security client is pre-integrated into various chipsets and numerous TV manufacturer products, thus speeding time-to-market while reducing project risk.

ExpressPlay DRM Offline – Secure Download and Offline Playback

ExpressPlay DRM Offline is a multi-DRM platform that features the studio trusted and open-standard Marlin DRM along with Google Widevine Modular and Apple FairPlay Streaming. It is designed to secure content delivery in offline environments. When combined with the Kiora content delivery platform and premium programming from Filmbankmedia, it enables a turn-key solution for premium entertainment.

whiteCryption Code Protection – Protect Your Apps

whiteCryption Code Protection enables apps to run in zero-trust environments, embedding automated self-defense capabilities to prevent anyone from reverse engineering the code, stealing sensitive data and IP, or hijacking the software for malicious purposes. It employs multiple anti-tamper mechanisms, advanced obfuscation, and runtime application self-protection (RASP), so that apps can defend themselves against threats.

whiteCryption Secure Key Box – Protect Your Keys

whiteCryption Secure Key Box provides state-of-the-art white-box cryptography that protects encryption keys at all times, even if the device itself has been compromised. It is highly resistant to reverse engineering, memory examination, and side-channel attacks. Secure Key Box works across all platforms and devices and is the only enterprise-ready solution to provide advanced cryptographic key protection for web apps and browsers. A version to protect TLS connection and session keys is also available.


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