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Intertrust provides the world's leading digital rights management (DRM) cloud service with a complete ecosystem of security and rights management products.  We empower businesses to securely manage all of their data and devices, regardless of location, format, or type—enabling innovative multi-party apps and services.

Intertrust Media Solutions provides robust content protection solutions for Media and Entertainment. Intertrust ExpressPlay consists of a cloud-based multi-DRM service, broadcast TV security and anti-piracy services with proven scalability in the largest OTT streaming platforms globally. We also offer ExpressPlay DRM Offline to enable secure streaming of premium content through an offline multi-DRM platform.


Product Description

Intertrust ExpressPlay 

Intertrust ExpressPlay is a media security suite optimized for content owners and distributors of live and VOD streaming content, and it includes all components required to meet stringent content licensing security requirements. Our cloud-based security service consists of leading-edge multi-DRM service, and a unique broadcast protection solution that lowers TCO in conjunction with smart TVs by eliminating the need for set-top boxes, complemented by forensic watermarking and anti-piracy services. The media security suite also includes an offline multi-DRM platform for transportation and hospitality applications, and a tamper resistant software solution for application shielding.

ExpressPlay DRM – Cloud-based Multi-DRM Service

ExpressPlay DRM is an integrated and cloud-based media monetization service for OTT streaming operators and content distributors. The service supports all major DRMs including Apple FairPlay Streaming, Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Adobe Primetime, and the open-standard Marlin DRM. ExpressPlay DRM scales to protect millions of concurrent viewers for major live events with a cost-effective and global footprint including geo-redundancy and automatic fail-over options. This ensures the lowest service latency wherever subscribers are located. ExpressPlay DRM’s secure key management service includes a rich API for managing encryption keys. The key service insulates ExpressPlay DRM customers from the complexities of managing content keys, while maintaining full control and ownership of the keys. The key service also supports the AWS-developed SPEKE (Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange) API, enabling streamlined integration with AWS Media Services and other SPEKE-compliant providers.

ExpressPlay DRM Offline – Secure Download and Offline Playback

ExpressPlay DRM Offline is a multi-DRM platform that features the studio trusted and open-standard Marlin DRM along with Google Widevine Modular and Apple FairPlay Streaming. It is designed to secure content delivery in offline environments. When combined with the Kiora content delivery platform and premium programming from Filmbankmedia, it enables a turn-key solution for premium entertainment.

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy – Forensic Watermarking, Piracy Monitoring and Identification

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking service (powered by Friend MTS) incorporates content security functionality that includes web piracy monitoring and legal enforcement for linear channels, live events and non-live VOD content. Distributors have access to a suite of managed services based on Advanced Subscriber ID (ASiD) client-side watermarking. The ASiD approach uniquely combines online piracy monitoring processes based on fingerprinting with a watermarking technology that supports fast extraction of payloads in redistributed content.

A server-side watermarking option is available through ExpressPlay Watermarking (powered by ContentArmor™). This solution embeds watermarks directly in the encoded and encrypted video bitstream on-the-fly with no imposition of latency beyond the profiling that precedes insertion.

ExpressPlay XCA – Converged Security for Broadcasting and OTT Streaming

ExpressPlay XCA is a cloud-based security service that frees pay-TV operators from the expensive and rigid conditional access system (CAS) approaches for protecting broadcast content. ExpressPlay XCA enables pay-TV operators and broadcasters to deliver premium/UHD content securely to smart TVs without set-top boxes through pre-integrations into many chipsets and TV manufacturer products, thus speeding time-to-market. This DRM-based solution protects hybrid DVB broadcast and internet TV services with a cardless and converged client security stack, preparing operators for the all-DRM future at a fraction of the cost of the legacy CAS approach.

whiteCryption – Application Shielding for Apps, Devices, and Keys

whiteCryption enables otherwise vulnerable apps to run in zero-trust environments, protecting keys and shielding applications from reverse engineering and tampering. A two-pronged approach ensures protection from threats: whiteCryption Code Protection provides advanced application shielding that hardens applications and detects any modifications made to the code. It also guards software applications against both static and dynamic analysis, hacking, and reverse engineering. whiteCryption Secure Key Box is a state-of-the-art white-box cryptographic library that protects cryptographic keys in sensitive applications such as finance, healthcare, and automotive. whiteCryption SKB for Web is the first and only enterprise-ready cryptographic key protection solution for web applications, keeping keys from ever being exposed, whether at rest, in transit, or in use. whiteCryption SKB for TLS is a special implementation of a Transport Layer Security library that uses white-box cryptography to ensure that the keys used to establish both the connection and session keys to secure the transmission are always protected.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • On-demand Webcast - Fundamentals of Multi-DRM Services
    Today’s OTT video streamers have extraordinary opportunities for global reach and distribution. Yet, with this boom comes the threat of piracy. So how can you protect your valuable assets? Our Fundamentals of Multi-DRM Services webcast provides the answers. Three short on-demand episodes, each lasting less than 10 minutes, will give you insights into: * Why digital rights management? * OTT media packaging and DRM workflows * How to get started with cloud-based DRM services
  • White Paper - Weighing buy versus build options for securing advanced OTT video services
    As the worldwide explosion in internet-delivered streaming services intensifies, so does the risk of failure. Operators have to make key decisions on whether to buy versus build their DRM. So, what should you consider before deciding to implement a digital rights management system? Read this comprehensive white paper to learn about: * Market drivers shaping the new content protection infrastructure * Finding answers to the buy vs. build question
  • Intertrust-Fastly Solution Brief - Integrated Workflow Optimizes OTT Performance.
    OTT operators face a fragmentation of codecs and formats, adaptive bitrate protocols, and DRM systems, leading to complex and costly content processing workflows. To address these challenges, Fastly and Intertrust have devised a one-stop multi-CDN and multi-DRM solution. It streamlines packaging and playback of DRM-protected content, combining Fastly’s on-the-fly packaging with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay multi-DRM service. Learn more in our solution brief.
  • On-demand webcast: Cost effective multi-DRM services for advanced video streaming
    During Bitmovin’s virtual event APAC Live 2020, we covered the most important topics for current and aspiring OTT streaming operators: * Advanced OTT streaming security challenges * Buy versus build options for a multi-DRM solution * Minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) * CMAF and streamlined packaging workflow
  • ExpressPlay DRM Resource Center
    The ExpressPlay DRM Resource Center gives you access to best practices, tips and guidelines for helping you to secure and optimize advanced OTT live streaming and on-demand, including multi-DRM services white papers and reports, on-demand webcasts, e-books, partner solution briefs and more.


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