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Content Protection and Live Sports Streaming

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Ali Hodjat: Live sports is a big market and esports is actually becoming a big market as well. And there is a lot that esports streaming platforms can learn from live sports platforms. And when it comes to both platforms, whether it's live sports, a lot of events happening now that things are coming back to normal, little by little. There are two aspects, which are very important. One is really about the scalability of the platform, and when it comes to content protection, whether it's the DRM or a watermarking service, having the scalable cloud service, right, that enables meeting the peak demand in real time is important. Sports and esports is all about multimillions of subscribers watching the content at the same time.

So, managing delivery of the DRM licenses, for example, to all those devices at the same time is a challenge and is actually very critical in order to survive the business. And that'sone of the things that we really pay attention to, and our customers are happy about. So, again, using a cloud platform to scale up the massive number of concurrent users in real time. That's the main key.

The other aspect is low latency. And so there is a lot of talk about low latency in the market. It actually applies to DRM and to multi-DRM platforms as well. It applies to content protection. Anything that latency that we add in the content production workflow is a challenge and we have to solve that. So, in the techniques that we use for tight integration with the encoders, when the on-the-fly packages are actually encrypting content or things in terms of delivery of the licensed--using the proxy service, for example, to deliver the licenses in real time, with the reduced latency or the techniques that are very crucial for sports and live streaming and esports as well.

One other thing that I want to mention, which maybe is especially relevant to e-sports is about the whole business model that relies on the streaming app. So, the streaming app creates an attack surface. And there are multiple devices. So being able to protect the app itself, whether it's about protecting the flow of the code, whether it's about protecting keys used for storing personal information or credit card information, or being able to block reverse engineering of the streaming app for esports or any other streaming platform, that's very key. That's very critical now. And so that's really something that everybody needs to look at when it comes to business models that are relying on the apps to take advantage of the revenue for the service.

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