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DRM Solutions: Who Holds The Keys To The Future of Streaming Media

In each case the market is seeing a clear and concise movement by the world’s biggest electronic, software and hardware manufacturers towards securing their future with a DRM solution bundled in their offering. It’s a simple concept which includes the basic tenet that each provider has defined a structure by which they will encrypt and deliver secure monetized content.

For the consumer it’s becoming more confusing each day with the Rumors that Apple might buy Universal, Sony is suing Microsoft over InterTrust, PressPlay and MovieLink both use Microsoft’s technology en masse and Sony is using Real’s MCS implementation due to their close ties.

The Keys to Digital Media are rapidly becoming a topic of concern for Bill Gates, Sony’s Chairman and CEO Idei and of course to keep it interesting Apple’s Steve Jobs. This has become a personal and ideological battle for what will surely define the horizon of commerce enabled digital media at the desktop, your SUV, cell phone and the LCD screen on your mom’s new refrigerator.

Let’s take a look at where you, the Streaming Media Professional fit in, what the trends and horizon look like and how to maximize your profits and customer base in this time of transition.

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