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MediaPlatform Introduces SmartEdge, a CDN for the Enterprise

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For companies looking to add robust internal video streaming without taxing their network, enterprise video specialist MediaPlatform today introduced SmartEdge, an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN). SmartEdge works with MediaPlatform's PrimeTime and WebCaster products, and was designed for companies using video for corporate communications, training, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the workplace.

SmartEdge serves video to employees on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. The idea came from MediaPlatform's enterprise clients, says Denis Khoo, the company's chief technology officer, as they were looking for tools to make video an integral part of their entire organizations. SmartEdge lets them overcome bandwidth limitations, he adds.

SmartEdge is created using autonomous edge nodes that can fallback for redundancy. MediaPlatform places each node at edge network locations where they can provide quality streaming with as little impact as possible on the network. Built-in routing logic makes sure that each employee connects to the best node. Nodes offer video caching and pre-positioning.

MediaPlatform notes that SmartEdge is more efficient than a standard HTTP optimization device, which caches all HTTP traffic and comes with high installation costs. SmartEdge can work alongside other eCDNs or internet-based CDNs.

Companies looking for more information, including costs, should visit the SmartEdge page and contact a sales representative.

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