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How to Leverage Personalized Data for FAST and SVOD

Personalized data is critical to video content monetization, whether in a subscription-based environment or an ad-driven FAST channel. Coming at the topic from both angles, LaShawn McGhee, Co-Founder & CPO, Revry, and Rob Collins, Executive Director of Software Development, Starz, discuss the topic with Nadine Krefetz, Consultant, Reality Software, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media in this clip from their panel at Streaming Media Connect 2023.

Krefetz asks McGhee, “What happens when you want to have a lot of targeting on the personal data for your viewers based on what your tech stack looks like?”

McGhee says that due to the lack of industry standardization when it comes to data collection, each platform must find its own way of interpreting user data and finding out what works best. “You find creative ways to look at metrics and figure out what your common denominator is,” she says. “Because to be honest, not everyone is giving you the same level of data, whether it's sessions or views or impressions or watch time. So therefore, you internally have to figure out what your metrics are going to be.” What’s most important, she argues, is what resonates most with your viewers. “We can tell what the users are doing whether the content is resonating or not,” she says. “So we are very much a content-focused medium when it comes to just making sure that things are resonating with people.”

Krefetz says, “The reason I'm bringing up personalized data is that it's often something that's used for advertising targeting.” To Collins, she says, “[Starz]  doesn’t have advertising. What [do] you use your data for in terms of your outreach?”

Collins says that Starz intensely focuses on viewer behavior and preferences, since Starz “lives or dies” by the quality and relevance of their programming. “So the whole thing is do we get viewership? Do we get renewals? Do we get new customers? And so forth,” he says. “We try to capture all the information about what a certain person will watch and what they're likely to watch. And that even goes into programming decisions. We've got a certain audience and here's what they respond to. So let's try to really hone in on those. It's extraordinarily important to have that kind of thing. Since there's not a revenue source for advertising, can we get programming that people like?”

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