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Sonic Foundry: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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After streaming for more than a decade, Sonic Foundry still holds firm in the belief that video is the single most transformative medium for a campus or corporation. This year ubiquitous creation- and capture-tools drastically increased digital video’s data footprint. In 2015 we’ll see that even more, as visionaries move beyond capture and put more value in making smart, searchable and secure video. The world will become more connected with the ability for more collaborative video and video conferences, and with the emergence of campus and corporate YouTubes. Stakeholders will leverage analytics to show the dramatic impact video is making on their organizations, with the ability to track viewing behavior, measure ROI and make informed decisions about the effectiveness of eLearning programs. Multi-perspective video like Mediasite MultiView will be the answer for complex learning and communication environments, giving the ability to watch several video feeds simultaneously, providing real-life dimension and deepening engagement in any environment. Video will continue to bridge time and distance, will continue to be the medium by which people will connect, interact and share knowledge.

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