What Is Cloud Migration?

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Peter Wharton: Cloud migration is basically moving your workflows into the cloud, and you do it both from the media company consumer side, where you actually move your workflows, and also from the technology side, having to find vendors and technologies that work as well in the cloud as they work with you on premises.

There are really four ways you can move to the cloud. You can rehost, which is basically taking that same technology stack you had and moving into the cloud and just adapting it to make it work, getting rid of things like multicast and stuff like that. Or you replatform where you take it and you tinker with it and you make some improvements and optimizations. And now we're sort of seeing more where there are cloud-native solutions where you take a solution, and you re-factor it where it's actually either done cloud-native from the ground up, or you take what you started with and you totally rewrite it to be optimized for the cloud.

And I think, finally, where we're going to end up with down the road and I hope to get there sooner rather than later. So we actually reinvent and that's where instead of actually taking the same workflows and just creating technology that adapts them to the cloud, or is cloud-native, we actually totally rethink the processes we do for media and reinvent how we create media.

Because if you look at what we do with so much of the workflows, the ways we work are constrained by the limitations of the technologies we deployed all the way back from the '60s and '70s, even. Today's production switcher just looks like a big version of a 1960s production switcher in some ways. Playout isn't all that different. It moved from tape to disk space to integrate into cloud, but it's still a lot of the same thing. And I think there's room to really rethink how we get content to consumers from the camera and change that model.

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