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Streaming Media 2023 Trendsetters: Introducing LTN Wave

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LTN Wave

Introducing LTN Wave

LTN Wave is the perfect solution for helping media companies to bridge the transition from satellite to IP. An award-winning video transport solution, LTN Wave provides organizations with the flexibility, scalability, and reliability that they need to de-risk satellite migration, with 99.999% reliable IP distribution.

Customers who leverage Wave benefit from:

  • Unlimited scalability through point-to-point
    and point-to-multipoint distribution
  • Unlimited monetization potential
  • Customization of channel capabilities for even greater scale, flexibility, and revenue growth
  • Centralized production
  • Digital publishing and monetization

Maximum efficiency, minimum complexity

LTN Wave seamlessly integrates within existing infrastructure, including third-party encoders, decoders, and hardware or software infrastructure. LTN’s open and agnostic network strategy means content can be acquired in a single format and delivered in multiple different formats, common third protocols, as well as in and out of public clouds, as needed.

Underpinned by LTN’s proprietary native multicast network with built-in packet recovery and routing protocols, Wave gives industry leading reliability and high service level agreements (SLAs), while enabling complex business and licensing rules.

LTN Wave Best of Show 2023

The perfect alternative to satellite distribution

LTN Wave makes the transition to IP-based video transmission easy, reliable, and efficient. Wave enables organizations to future-proof their distribution model without technology headaches or heavy CapEx investment.

With Wave, customers looking to stay ahead of the curve can maximize monetization potential, reach, and ROI. Wave enables media companies to focus on content and audience growth while achieving total peace of mind.

The momentum behind IP in the media is undeniable. LTN has been at the forefront of driving the IP revolution. Wave delivers the platform that empowers businesses to seize control of their media strategy.

With you every step of the way

Wherever you are on your digital journey, finding the right technological partner is crucial in helping you ride the tides. With LTN, customers can unleash the benefits of state-of-the-art infrastructure, deep expertise, and dedicated support that will make it much easier to achieve their business objectives.

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