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Explore New Frontiers in Real Time Video Streaming

Ant Media's Ahmet Oguz Mermerkaya talks about creating a scalable real time video streaming solution.

Live streaming is now an important part of our lives. We socialize, work, have fun and even get fit with live streams. However, traditional live streaming can no longer meet our needs, while real-time streaming with sub-second latency is becoming the new normal.

Today, one of the biggest challenges in building a real time streaming solution with sub-second latency is the automated scaling up and down of your infrastructure whenever and wherever you need. Some use cases such as trivia quiz apps, online auctions, virtual events, webinars, e-conferences and conference call applications require Ultra-Low Latency Video streaming along with an infrastructure supporting a large number of viewers and publishers. It should also have the capability to scale up your solution to support thousands or even millions of viewers.

In order to achieve that, we have recently introduced a tool via the AWS CloudFormation utility to automate the installation and configuration of Ant Media Server with clustering capability.

We have designed this so that the AWS CloudFormation service helps you model and set up your Ant Media Server resources in clustering mode. This means you spend less time on installing and configuring, and more on your application. You can have your Ant Media Server in Cluster mode ready in less than 5 minutes and start running your real time video streaming service with sub-second latency, right away. Building up a configuration is designed to scale up and down automatically based on your predefined criteria so there’s no need to worry about capacity handling and service quality for your service at any time. 

As Ant Media, we care about our customers, and in everything we do we try to make sure that we are easing our customers’ work so that they can deliver their real-time video streaming solutions with sub-second latency, without any hassle. We believe that this tool will help our customers to launch their scalable real-time video streaming solution in less than 5 minutes, and also provide a high-quality service while enabling cost efficiency.


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